Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

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Can it be that "Dancing with the Stars" dancers need weight loss secrets?

Yes, it's true! "Dancing with the Stars'" Karina Smiroff recently revealed her own secret for weight loss to the magazine 'Woman’s World'. Would you believe her celebrity weight-loss secret is olive oil? According to the interview she insists that taking a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach has helped her regulate her metabolism, as well as to curb her appetite. She started using this ancient Russian folk remedy she learned as a teen in the Ukraine after a recent vacation in which she packed on an extra 10 pounds. She has been doing it ever since dropping the extra weight as maintenance.She even admits that her Mom has been doing the olive oil thing for the last 15 years and can even wear Katrina’s clothes.

Other weight loss benefits of olive oil:

A study in Wisconsin reported that people who were not on diets who took 1 Tablespoon of olive oil a day lost an average of 1 pound a week. Others who took fish oil instead didn’t lose anything.

The reason olive oil is such a good fat is because it is 85% oleic acid which converts to a hunger fighting hormone call OEA.

Eating bread with olive oil helps you to eat 17% fewer calories than eating bread with butter.

Having a tablespoon of olive oil at breakfast can rev up your metabolism by 60% and keep you energize through out the day.

Other "Dancing with the Star's reveal their weight loss secrets:

Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson: Size: 2
Height: 5’8”
She stays away from carbs after 5pm

Cheryl Burke: Size: 4
Height: 5’4”
She limits her sodium intake drastically before a show.

Edyta Sliwinska: Size: 0
Height: 5’6”
Lives on 1500 healthy calories per day

Lacey Schwimmer: Size 2-4
Height: 5’2”
Gave up soda and cut way back on fatty foods. She lost 10 pounds last season

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