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Nicole Kidman

Every bride will get a lot of wedding tips and advice, even celebrity brides like Nicole Kidman. The dozens and dozens of details that go into getting married can seem overwhelming at times. Knowing what needs to be done and when it should be done can eliminated some of the pressure associated with getting everything done. Even if you hire a wedding planner you will want to know what needs to be done so you can be sure everything gets done before the big day.

Take our wedding timetable for instance. Checking things off the list as they are done will give you a great sense of accomplishment as well as keep you from feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.

Announcing your engagement can be a lot of fun. Check out our ideas on how to let your family and friends know “what’s new” in your life.

Our emergency kit idea can save the day. If you use just one item from the bag you’ll be happy you packed it.

orange wedding bouquet

Color your wedding gives you great ideas for adding that needed bit of color to your wedding. You will gather a lot of wedding tips before you say “I do”. Searching the internet and reading bridal magazines, even visiting bridal shops will give you a lot of ideas you may not have thought of.

First and foremost: Buy yourself a 3 ring notebook, with pockets, to put all the information that you gather into. Divide it into 3 sections: before the wedding, the wedding, and the honeymoon. Print or cut out all the information that you come across and file it into the proper sections.

Here a just a few wedding tips to get you started.

Announce Your Engagement

Some quick tips on how to “spill the beans”to family and/or friends.

Color Your Wedding

Need some creative ideas for picking a color or theme for your wedding? Here are some good suggestions.

Wedding Emergency Kit

Pack a bag and be ready for anything that might arise. This little kit can save the day!

Wedding Timetable

This timetable puts you on a schedule and helps you to remember all that you need to do before the big day.

Wedding tip #1

Color Your Wedding

Picking the color for your wedding can be a lot of fun or it can seem overwhelming. Just picking a color from the color wheel would be fine if that one color didn’t have a million shades and hues. What’s a girl to do? Here are some creative ways to decide how to color your wedding..

Seasons: Picking the season that you’re getting married in is an easy way to pick a color or two.

Winter can be a beautiful theme if you choose an ice or snow theme. Lots of white and icy blue colors with snowflakes mixed in your bouquet and tablescape can create a fabulous theme. Fake fur wraps (in for 2006) for the girls, in snowy white, make a grand statement for a winter wedding.

pink flowers

Spring is a very easy theme to use for your wedding, as long as you can make up your mind. Choose pretty pastel colors of pink, blue, yellow or green. Some brides choose all the colors. The brides’ gown can have a color sash that matches or coordinates with the bridesmaids' dresses. Bridesmaids’ dresses with sashes of a darker hue would look lovely. Tablescapes done with pretty flowers and candles are a nice touch.

Summer weddings can just be light and airy. Girls in cool dresses (strapless or halter top) and wearing sandals, with lots of big white flowers with just a splash of color will give everyone a tropical cool feeling. Daisies could also be used with a splash of yellow or green or both. Any light and airy color scheme is best for a hot summer day.

Fall weddings can take on the air of autumn with lots of fall colors. Dark oranges and browns (big 2006 colors) mixed with yellows and deep reds with straw colored raffia will set the mood. Live mums with straw flowers mixed in, placed inside small pumpkins would look great on the table. Place silk autumn colored leaves through a candle ring and place it around a deep colored candle to help create a fall tablescape.

Flowers and dresses: Choosing the color of your bridesmaids' dresses can help you pick the color for your wedding. Just spend a little time at any bridal shop and at least one color will leap out at you. Try to coordinate the color of your bridesmaids' dresses into your attire with a sash on your wedding dress. You could also do this with your bouquet or with some flowers in your hair. This can also be achieved with some jewelry or a pair of great looking shoes.

Your engagement ring: The engagement ring of one lovely bride we know had two

wedding rings

rubies on each side of her diamond. The bride (whose birthstone just happened to be ruby) chose ruby colored dresses for her bridesmaids' dresses. This ruby color was the predominate color that was carried throughout the wedding in the bouquet, the flower girls’ baskets, the ring bearer's pillow, the chapel décor and the candle rings placed around the candles on the guest tables. A touch of the ruby color was also on the invitations, the place cards, and the linens. Your shoes and bags could also be this color.

A monochromatic color theme is acquired by using one color but with many different variations. This color scheme works well with almost any color. The exception to this is the color black. If you choose black as your main color, choose a color to off set it. A touch of red, gray or white are some good choices.

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Wedding Tip #2

Announce Your Engagement

Wedding tip: A nice way to announce your engagement is to gather family and friends at someone’s home or a favorite restaurant and make your announcement. If you’ll be making your announcement at someone else’s party or event ( say, someone else’s birthday party or an anniversary party) be sure to wait until the event is almost over to make your announcement as not to take away the spotlight from the guest of honor.

Wedding tip: If you want lots of attention focused on just you two, create your own party. A simple get together with dessert and drinks would be fine. Whether you are planning your own party or you find out someone is planning to throw you an engagement party, be sure there is a reasonable amount of time between your engagement party and your wedding shower. Remember, these same people will be getting you a wedding gift, as well.

Wedding tip: You can send out “save the date” magnetic cards announcing your engagement to anyone who you plan to invite to your wedding.

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Wedding tip #3

Wedding Emergency Kit

Emergency kit: Don’t leave home without it. This wedding tip can save the day. You can predict everything that can happen in one day, so use the Boy Scout motto and “Be Prepared”!

Pack yourself an emergency kit to bring with you to the reception. You can pack this into a bridal purse or just any small bag and leave it in the bride’s room. If your reception area does not have a special room set aside for the bride, have your Mom or someone you can trust keep it for you. You will definitely need something out of it before the day is over. When your wedding day is over, this bag can go on the honeymoon with you. It makes a great “carry on” for the plane.

Added bonus: After the honeymoon, restock it and bring it to work or leave it in your car.

Click here to print the Wedding Emergency Kit only.

Wedding Emergency Kit

Compact or face powder for shine

Oil blotting wipes

Breath mints or spray


Toothbrush and paste


Body powder


Nail file and polish (if needed)

Small sewing kit (or at least a needle and thread (white)

Small scissors

Hand lotion


Bobby pins

Ibuprofen or whatever you take for pain

Bandages (few)


Tums or what ever you take for acid relief or upset stomach

Extra stockings (if needed)

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Wedding tip #4

Wedding Timetable

Wedding tip: The following Wedding Timetable is meant to keep you informed along the way of each item that needs your attention. Of course, you can do them in any order that is comfortable for you. The best wedding tip we can give you is: Get everything done as soon as possible to avoid those last minute panic attacks that occur when you become stressed and over-tired with too much to do. Print out the following time table to keep yourself on the right path to wedding bliss!

Wedding tip : As soon as you say “I will” you need to start thinking about what you need to do before you say “I do”. Reserving a place for your ceremony and reception should be done as soon as possible. A certain date at certain places can be reserved up to 2 years ahead so you may have to be flexible with your date if you wait too long.

Wedding tip: The following timetable will help you to remember everything you need to take care of before your special day. Many couples choose a 1 to 3 year engagement, simply to make sure they have enough time to accomplish all their goals which may include saving money either for the wedding, the reception or honeymoon, or all three, plus the dozen or so accessories that you may want to include.

Click here to print the Wedding Timetable only.

Wedding Timetable

Wedding tip: 12 months to 18 months before Wedding

Discuss when you’ll get married




Time of day

Discuss where you will get married:

Decide whether you’ll get married and have the reception at the same place or get married at one place and have the reception somewhere else.

Select the place for the ceremony

Reserve church, synagogue, chapel or hall

Deposit may be required

Select the place for the reception

Reserve the reception site

Deposit may be required

Decide your budget

Who will pay for:



Caterer (if needed)




Gown and accessories



Accessories: (Bar tab, invitations, etc.)

Decide how many guests you will invite





Begin trying on gowns

Wedding tip: 11 Months before the Wedding

Discuss style of wedding:

Color and/or theme





Hire a wedding planner, if needed

Discuss the wedding timetable with them.

Determine Honeymoon budget

Wedding tip: 10 Months before the Wedding

Select and order

Your gown (as soon as you can make up your mind)

Tiara, veil and/or headpiece etc.



Something old, new, borrowed, and blue

Select your attendants

Flower girl(s)


Jr. Bridesmaids

Ring bearer

Groom selects

Best man


Wedding tip: 9 Months before the Wedding

Select attire for female attendants



Jewelry (can be a gift from you)

Hair pieces (if desired)

Interview and select (if needed and/or desired)

An Officiator ( Priest, Rabbi, Reverend, Justice of the Peace)


Discuss menu

Try samples

married couple kissing


Discuss what photos you want

Will they be eating at the reception? (to be counted)


Discuss what you want

Will they be eating at the reception? (to be counted)

DJ or band

Discuss music for ceremony

Discuss songs for reception

Will they be eating at the reception? (to be counted)

Discuss and compile guest list

Discuss how many from each family side

Include bride and groom’s friends and co-workers

Discuss honeymoon options

Wedding tip: 8 Months before the Wedding

Sign up for gift registry

Have gown fitting

Wedding tip: 7 Months before the Wedding

Select florist for:

Brides’ bouquet

Bridesmaids' flowers

Flower girls' petals

Corsage for mothers (and grandmothers) of bride and groom

Decide on Boutonnières for gentlemen:


Best man

Ring bearer

Fathers of the bride and groom (grandfathers can be included)


Flowers for ceremony (if needed)

Flowers for reception (if needed)

Order invitations and thank you cards (Order more than needed - mistakes will be made)

Wedding tip: 6 Months before the Wedding

Have all female attendants go for 1st fittings

Plan and make reservations for honeymoon.

Shop for Wedding ring bands

Mothers select wedding attire

Wedding tip: 5 months before the Wedding

Order programs, place cards and/or newsletters

Consider the needs of any out of area guests who will need accommodations and transportation and make arrangements.

Wedding cake: Select and finalize order (deposit may be required)

wedding cake





Wedding tip: 4 Months before the Wedding

Decide who will address invitations (hire calligrapher if needed) and address them.

Decide if you’ll write your own vows

Decide male attendant’s attire with groom. Groom should visit formalwear shop to make arrangements. He can give all male attendants a business card from the shop. All male attendants then go to the shop to give measurements...Most of the following can be rented including shoes! They may only need to supply their own socks. Check with the formal wear rental store.

Tux color


Cumber bun


Tie Clip



Cuff links

Confirm all honeymoon plans

Wedding tip: 3 Months before the Wedding

Arrange for transportation to ceremony and reception

Purchase gifts for bridal party, parents and any other helpers

Order or make wedding favors. Click here for ideas

Buy wedding accessories (any or all):

wedding accessories

Baskets for flower girls

Pillow for ring bearer

Guest book


Toasting glasses

Unity candle

wedding cake topper

Cameras for reception tables

Cake knife

cake topper

Imprinted ribbons, napkins, match books, if needed.

Wedding tip: 2 Months before the Wedding

Bring invitations to post office to mail. Have them weighed for correct amount of postage. Be sure you are including directions to the ceremony and reception.

Make plans for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

Finalize all contracts

Finalize honeymoons plans

Hotel reservation needed for wedding night before flight?

Is transportation needed to and from airport? Passports needed?

Shop for honeymoon clothes

Make reservations for wedding night at nearby hotel if you won’t be leaving on your honeymoon till the next day. Think about transportation to the hotel and then on to the airport the next day, if needed.

Final alterations for gowns



Get blood tests, if needed

Work on seating and floor arrangement

Wedding tip: 6 Weeks before the Wedding

Go over music list with DJ

Purchase spousal gifts

Have a practice run with your hair stylist and make an appointment for your wedding day hairdo.

Wedding tip: 1 Month before the Wedding

Final gown fitting

Finalize florist order and delivery time.

Finalize seating arrangements

Wedding tip: 2 Weeks before the Wedding

Call any guests who haven’t responded to your invitation to be sure they will not be attending. Some people have been known to show up without responding!

Give guest tally to caterer or reception site

Confirm honeymoon reservations and pack bags (passports needed?)

Wedding tip: One Week before the Wedding

Confirm rehearsal plans with all attendants

Pick up formal men’s wear

Pack your emergency wedding kit (click here for the list)

Take bridesmaids out to lunch.

Wedding tip: Day before your wedding

Have a manicure

Have a pedicure

Try a relaxing massage

Bring marriage license

Arrive early for rehearsal

Give out gifts at rehearsal dinner

Give the Officiator their “thank you” fee

Wedding tip: Wedding Day

Relax and eat breakfast to prevent fainting or stomach growls

Don’t forget the rings!

Bring all accessories needed ( cake knife, toasting glasses, etc)

Remember your emergency kit (click here for the list)

Relax and enjoy your special day, you’ve earned it!

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