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What is Wedding Make Up, and how is it different from everyday makeup?

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All brides should look picture perfect on their wedding day. Knowing a few simple tricks-of-the-trade can help every bride to look her best. All it takes is a little planning to make sure that your face is ready to be seen by all your guests. These may include family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers. Wedding experts say every bride should look enough like herself that no one asks, "Who's that?". We couldn't agree more. Complimenting your own natural beauty is definitely the way to go.

Who can do your wedding make up?

Makeup Artist: You can decide to have your wedding make up done by a makeup artist. If you don’t know one, ask at your favorite salon for a recommendation. Ask your friends or gals you know who have gotten married already. The yellow pages of your area phone book or internet can give suggestions. Be sure to meet with them several times and work out exactly what you want. Find and bring pictures of any makeup styles you like with you. Have a dress rehearsal that includes your makeup artist so you can judge how everything coordinates. Or have your makeup artist give you a run-through on the day you go out with your bridesmaids and ask what they think.

A friend: Some of your own friends may have that special touch. Knowing that you may be nervous and jittery on the morning of your wedding day, they may want to come to your rescue. Plenty of practice sessions will make sure that you like what he or she does.

Yourself: Your wedding makeup really doesn’t have to be much more than your everyday makeup (perhaps kicked up a notch) if you already have a great routine. If that’s the case, and you feel your nerves won’t get in the way, by all means go for it.

If you’ve chosen to do your own wedding make up or have a friend help you, here are the simple steps to follow for perfect wedding make up:

Simple steps to doing your own wedding makeup:

• Your make up should start with a clean face. Next comes concealer. Check out Best Concealer Tips for the best way to apply concealer. Definitely use it to brighten your eye area. They will be getting a lot of attention.

• The next step in your make up routine is to apply foundation and powder. Best Foundation and Powder Tips can help make this process easy. Be sure not to stop at the chin line. Blend the foundation and powder below the chin towards the neck if necessary. Since you'll be dancing and moving you'll want a long wearing foundation. We recommend Revlon's Color Stay with Soft Plex because it stays put for 12 or more hours, covers beautifully, and gives a refined finish!

Get Flattering Eyebrows is the next step in your routine. A great tip for getting natural looking eyebrows is to run a toothbrush through them. Eyebrows play an important part in your overall look so don’t forget them.

• Now it’s time to play up your eyes. Create Beautiful Eyes reminds you to be sure to curl your eyelashes, and also teaches you how use eyeliner, eye-pencils, and eye shadows if you need a refresher course. Try a shimmering eyes shadow on the brow line. Try applying a few individual false eyelashes to the corners of your eyes for a more dramatic look.

How to use Mascara to get Long, Thick Lashes gives you important advice on how to use mascara. It’s best to stick with the same brand of mascara that you normally use to avoid any reactions (allergies, watery eyes etc.) that maybe happen if you switch brands. Be sure to use a waterproof one, just in case you shed a few tears.

Best Blush Tips will help you with any blush question you may have about using blush. You’ll want to have that special glow and a touch of blush will be sure to wake up your face and hide some of that washed out (I’m really exhausted)look.

• The crowning touch in your wedding make up will be your lips. Remember you’ll be doing a lot of kissing so you’ll want to have a lipstick or lip stain that doesn’t wear off. Try applying powder to your lips first. Or go with a long wearing lipstick that stays put for up to 8 hours like Lip Finity by Max Factor or Outlast by Covergirl. Choose a color that flatters you and goes with the rest of your make up. Experts warn not to go too light if you’ll be wearing white. You may look too washed out in the pictures. Be sure to blot your lips to remove excess wax which causes bleeding. How to Get Beautiful Lips gives you all the tips and techniques needed to create those perfect lips. Another great way to go is to check out Fuller Lips to see how you can have full, plump lips and perhaps skip the color altogether and just apply a clear gloss.

• Be sure to blend, blend, blend for a natural, soft, romantic look. Twenty years from your special day, when you take out the wedding album you still want to look good.

More Great Wedding Make up Advice:

If you don’t have a good skin care regimen now’s the time to start. Check out Get Great Skin From the Inside where you’ll find lots of great advice on how to get the best skin ever. Be sure to follow the advice about drinking as much water as you can. This little beauty tip goes a long way to improving the look of your skin and your whole body.

Experts warn not to introduce any new harsh products to your face. Now is not the time to experiment. If you have any problem areas you are concerned about see a dermatologist for an answer. You’ll want your face to be a clear, clean canvas for whatever makeup you choose for your big day.

A great place to experiment with different types of makeup is the mall. Most major department stores in the mall have cosmetic counters where they will be happy to try different products and shades on you.


Have your own little dress rehearsal a couple of weeks before your wedding. Some make up artist and hair stylist will give you a discount or perhaps do it for free. Try out your hairdo and veil (or other head pieces) and wedding make up to be sure you have a winning combo. If you decide to test run your dress be sure to protect it from any makeup that may come off. When you remove your dress leave your hair and make up on for the remainder of the day. This will give you a chance to make sure your wedding make up and hairdo will stay in place for the entire length of your wedding.

A Final Note:

As you map out a plan for your bridal make up, remember that no bride’s makeup should make her look so different that people don’t recognize her. Stick with natural shades that compliment your own skin tones. If you love bright red lips be sure that the rest of your make up is neutral or natural tones. Remember that dark colors like bright red lipstick and lots of blue eye shadow will need more touch-ups and they don’t flatter everyone.

Wedding fun

Remember this is your day to shine. You’re the star of the show. Don't get so caught up in all the particulars that you forget to have fun. After all your hard work you deserve it! Be sure to enjoy your special day for you will remember it all your life!

Best Wishes!

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