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Which wedding hair style should you choose?

Ulrika Johnson

After looking at, and trying on, what will seem like a thousand dresses, the next big decision you’ll have to make is how you’ll wear your hair. Your wedding hair style and what type of veil or head piece you will wear will go hand in hand to create the mood and perfect look for your special day. No bride wants to have a “bad hair day” on her wedding day.

The style of your dress, whether it’s formal, semi-formal or informal, will set the tone of your wedding. Your hairstyle and veil (or head piece) should match the style of your dress which will pull everything together.

What types of hairstyles are most appropriate for weddings?

You can choose from the following hairstyles or create a new one just for you:

wedding hair style

Formal: Are you going for a formal look? Perhaps you’ll want to have all your hair swept up in a Juliet knot (your hair is gathered in a tight coil and twisted around itself), or a French twist (hair is gathered in a low ponytail and placed in a row along the back of the head). This timeless wedding hairstyle will add a touch of elegance to your look as well as the whole wedding. Most veil styles and headpieces will work well with this upswept wedding hairstyle. Flowers placed in the bun or twist look great with this wedding hair style.

wedding hair style

Semi-formal: Another option is to wear you’re hair half up and half down. This wedding hairstyle gathers the hair from above your ears up into a ponytail. This portion can be worn straight or curled or twisted into a bun. The options are endless with this wedding hairstyle. It lends itself to lots of choices: veils or headpieces, tiaras or jeweled pins are a few ways to go. Flowers also look great in this wedding hairstyle.

wedding hair style

Informal: Are you going for a more casual look? Whether your hair is short or long, you may want to wear your everyday hairstyle as your wedding hairstyle. Or you may want to take it up a notch with some bounce or curls, or perhaps a sedu hairstyle (sleek, straight and shiny). Casual hair still needs some prep work. A good haircut and some deep conditioning will make all the difference. You can wear any head piece, veil, pins or flowers with this hairdo. Just be sure to try on what you’ll be wearing in advance so you’ll have whatever clips or pins that you’ll need available.

What new trends are out there for wedding hairdo’s?

According to the some brides are choosing to have the formal look for the wedding ceremony and the picture taking portion of the day and then they are taking their wedding hairstyle down and relaxing a bit, with a less formal look for the reception.

Wedding Hairstyle Schedule

To de-stress your life check out this schedule for things to remember concerning your wedding hairstyle:

wedding hair

6 months before: See your hairstylist to discuss all your options concerning your hair. Even if you plan to do your own wedding hair style that day or have a friend help you, it is still best to discuss your options with a hairstylist since they have seen many wedding hair styles come and go. They can help you decide which wedding hair style most flatters your face shape and perhaps help you decide what you’ll need to hold your hairpiece or veil in place. If you think you may want to wear hair extensions at your wedding now is the time to dicuss this with your hair stylist.

• Even if you choose a wedding hair style that is long and simple, be sure to get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks or so till the wedding to remove any split ends and the even up the length. Regular hair cuts (or trims) help to make your hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier.

1 month before: Make an appointment to try out several wedding hair styles with your veil on. This will help you know exactly what will need to be done even if you plan to do it yourself.

• If your wedding hair style will include coloring or perming your hair, now is the time.

• For extra shine on your big day, ask about a shine treatment for your hair. If you cannot afford a salon treatment ask your stylist to recommend one you can do at home.

2 weeks before: Touch up any color (roots) or highlights. Have your final hair cut or trim.

Before the “Big Day” decide when to stop washing your hair. Your hairdo will cooperate better if your hair is not freshly washed. You know your own hair and how it behaves. The last thing you want on the “morning of” is hair with a mind of its own.

Things to Remember

Relax…deep breaths…

wedding haristyle

Decide if you will be removing your veil sometime during the reception. If you will, take this into account when deciding on a wedding hair style. Be sure your hair will still look good without the veil and if not decide on a second wedding hair style for this time.

Remember that this will be YOUR day. All eyes will be on you. Make it special and enjoyable by not being stressed. You’ll be the star of the biggest and best party of your life, so take the time to create a schedule for yourself which will help eliminate all those last minute “stress you out” moments. The less stress you put upon yourself the better you’ll be able to handle your big day.

Decide on a wedding hairstyle and that will be one more thing you can check off your list.

Deep breaths...relax…you can do it!

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