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Wedding dresses come in formal, semi-formal or informal, what does it all mean?

wedding dress

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the groom, have you set the date? Your wedding dress is the next big decision you’ll have to make. Your choice is very important because your dress will set the tone for the wedding. What style of dress will you choose? The supply is endless, but knowing what mood you want to set for your wedding can help you to make this all important decision. Do you want to have a day or an evening wedding? Do you want it to be a very formal affair with everyone dressed to the nines? Or do you prefer a semi-formal event where people are a little less starched and a little more themselves?

Pick a place, pick a dress


Will you get married in a church or an outdoor chapel? Will you say your “I do’s” on the beach or at a restaurant or hall? So many possibilities and so little time. Deciding on your first choice of date at your church or synagogue, deciding on either a chapel or a hall- these decisions must be made as soon as possible. Booking early is always best. Some special places can be booked several years in advance. Once you finalize all your arrangements you will have a better understanding of what type of an affair it will be. You probably don’t want a formal wedding on the beach, but the choice is still yours. The type of affair you plan will help you determine which dress choice is best!

The best advice we can give any bride is this: Do what makes you happy! It’s your day and you should be very comfortable and able to enjoy every minute of it. So plan it accordingly.

What style is right for me?

Maybe you have been dreaming of walking down the aisle since you were a little girl and know exactly what you want to wear. Perhaps you thought you’d never find “Mr. Right” and don’t have a clue where to start.

Unfortunately we can’t help you pick out a dress (although we’d love to), but we will try to help sort out some of the questions many brides have.

Like: “I want a really formal affair. What should I wear?”

Or, “I want a daytime wedding but I don’t want it too casual. What kind of dress is best?:”

Who designed your favorite celebrity’s wedding gown?

• Gisele Bundchen wore a gown designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Her three dogs wore matching Dolce & Gabbana floral lace collars and attended the ceremony.

• Charlotte Ross‘s gown was designed by Monique Lhuilier

• Demi Moore‘s gown was designed by Jeanne Lanvin

• Heidi Klum‘s gown was designed by Vera Wang (maternity line)

• Holly Hunter‘s gown was designed by Vera Wang

• Jennifer Ansiton’s gown was designed by Lawrence Steele

• Jennifer Lopez‘s gown was designed by Vera Wang

• Jessica Simpson‘s gown was designed by Vera Wang

• Karenna Gore gown was designed by Vera Wang

• Mariah Carey‘s gown was designed by Vera Wang

• Melania Trump‘s gown was designed by Christian Dior

• Mira Sorvino‘s gown was designed by Giorgio Armani

• Renee Zellweger‘s gown was designed by Carolina Herrera

• Sandra Bullock‘s gown was designed by Angel Sanchez

• .Sharon Stone‘s gown was designed by Vera Wang

• Star Jones‘s gown was designed by Reem Acra

• Tori Spelling‘s gown was designed by Dolce & Gabbana

Styles of Wedding Dresses or Gowns:

wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, styles, and of course, prices. Every woman can find a dress no matter what her height or weight. Will you choose a designer gown, or something off the rack? Perhaps you know a seamstress and can have her custom make one just for you. Remember to keep the season that you’ll be getting married during in mind. Velvet in July may not be a good choice. Give yourself plenty of time to find your prefect dress. The shop owner will have to order your dress in your size and then you will need extra time for fittings and alterations. Four to six months is a good time frame. Be sure to ask the owner to give you a written statement as to when the dress will be in. Many an affair has been upset by dresses not showing up as promised.

Looking through several bridal magazines or checking out what’s on the internet can help you narrow in on a style you like.

Styles of Wedding Dresses or Gowns:

formal wedding dress

Evening formal: Evening formal gowns are the most elegant and elaborate of all bridal gowns. Rich fabrics and more trims, laces, and bead work than usual go into the design of these dresses. These dresses usually include longer trains (these can be more than 5 feet long) and the bride usually will wear a longer veil, which can go past the floor.

wedding dress

Daytime formal: Daytime formal bridal gowns are still formal but not quite as ornate The train of this dress will usually be shorter (3 - 5 feet), and the veil is usually not any longer that the floor.

wedding dress

Semi-formal: Daytime or evening semi-formal wedding dresses are not as ornate as formal dresses and can be shorter in length (usually floor length) with either long or short sleeves or a chapel train (1-2 feet past the hem). Veils can be shoulder to fingertip length.

wedding dress

Informal: Informal wedding dresses can be street-length (hemmed somewhere below the knee but above the floor) dresses or suits. This type of dress can be thought of as a cocktail dress. There is no train. The bride can choose to wear a hat or just some flowers in her hair instead of a veil.

Other styles of wedding dresses that are available:

If all of the above wedding dress styles bore you, you may want to try something different.

medieval wedding dress

Medieval: This style of dress is a great choice if you're marrying your knight in shining armor and you want to be his princess. Or maybe you just like the charm and romanticism of a by-gone era.

Modern: This style of wedding dress is for the gal who likes to do her own thing. Anything goes

vintage wedding dress

Vintage: This style is very hot right now. You can choose to wear your Mom’s or Grandmother's dress or buy a reproduction of a gown from years ago.

What about Color?

wedding dress

Although white is still the most popular color for a wedding dress, many shades of off-white, lots of beautiful ivory shades, and even a soft pink blush are available. A wedding dress can actually be any color you want. Some brides have chosen black and even red for their special day. Whatever your color choice is be sure it’s really something you won’t mind looking back at in about 20 years.

What’s hot right now?

wedding dress

Strapless, sleeveless, halter top, and tank top styles, all with A-line skirts, are what have been the top choices for wedding dresses for many years now. This dress style has a timeless, classy look. Some wedding dress styles haven’t been so lucky. Who can forget the 1980’s style of big puffy sleeves with lots of ruffles around the skirt and picture hats. Of course, who knows. This style can always come back! Hot or not, remember to pick the wedding dress that flatters your figure, not what looks good on someone else.

What style looks good on every figure?

A-line wedding dress

Not every wedding dress will look good on every figure, but the one style of dress that looks good on every figure is the A-line wedding dress. This style dress can hide many figure flaws. You will have to decide which parts of your body you want to show, if any. Do your arms look good without sleeves? How much cleavage do you want to show, if any? Do you want your hips to show in a form fitting gown? The answers to these questions can help you decide which style dress you want to wear.

Words of warning:

From personal experience we can tell you that some wedding dresses do not run true to size. Some run very small, while others can run big. Most dresses will need some type of alterations, whether it’s to let it in or let it out or just hemming. Your dress should be custom fit to your body. This is one reason why we recommend that you find a bridal shop and work with them. A bridal consultant can be an enormous help not only with your dress but with jewelry, shoes, veils and many other accessories. Of course, you’re not obligated to get everything there, it’s you’re choice. Have fun picking out your dream dress!

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