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So many wedding accessories to choose from. Which ones do you really need?

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Unless you’re a celebrity like Catherine Zeta-Jones, you probably have some sort of wedding budget. Knowing where to spend your money to make the most impact is something every budget–wise bride should know. If you’ve already decided on your wedding dress, deciding which wedding accessories you want for your wedding day and which ones you can do without should be a less traumatic experience. Not that there aren’t hundreds to choose from, it's just that these accessories are all meant to coordinate with your dress – the style, the color and the formality - which makes picking them out that much easier. So many wedding accessories to choose from. Click on your favorite one and discover what awaits you.



Head pieces

Wedding Handbags and Purses

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Gloves

Wedding Hankies


Did you know?

For more than 2000 years the veil has been a traditional wedding accessory! History tells that Roman brides wore a veil over their face on their wedding day which symbolized purity, modesty, and complete surrender to their husbands. Today, as in years gone by, in some parts of the world where arranged marriages are still taking place, the groom does not see his bride until after the wedding ceremony, when he is allowed to lift the veil and see his wife, sometimes for the first time!

You know the style of your wedding dress and what mood you want to create, so what to wear on your head should seem like an easy decision. And it would be, if there weren't dozens and dozens of beautiful veils, tiaras and headpieces to choose from. . Do you want to wear a tiara alone or with a veil? Or are you thinking just a veil? If you’ll be removing your veil during the reception, do you want to still have something on your head? Perhaps you would just like some flowers. What length of veil do you wish to wear? So many options for just one wedding!

The veil is still one of the most popular wedding accessories brides choose to adorn their head. Veils with several layers are becoming more and more popular. Princess Bride Tiaras, on the web, states that brides who try on veils with several layers love the fullness and the way it frames their face

Although they can go by different names wherever you go, most veils are categorized by their length. Veils can be worn alone or with other hair accessories to become the crowning touch for your wedding day.

Let’s try to take the mystery out of veil names...


This veil is a circular piece of lace or lace trimmed tulle. It is placed on the head and secured with a comb or bobby pins. This veil creates an amazing romantic look

Blusher veil:

This is a short veil (no longer than 34 inches) usually used by the bride to cover her face as she walks down the aisle. It is then lifted and flipped back by her father, a stand in, or the groom, as she reaches the alter or ceremony spot. This is a great time for a kiss by the lifter! This veil adds a little drama for the guests and the groom.

Shorter/shoulder veils:

This veil is usually lightweight and easy to wear. The short length of this veil makes it a great choice for the reception. It can also be combined with longer veils for a more dramatic look.


As its name states, this veil ends at the elbow. It‘s very popular with brides because of its ease of wear and its versatility. Since you can add many layers to this veil, it will add a touch of class to any gown.


As you might guess, this veil will extend to your fingertips. This veil is also very popular and can be done in several different layers and lengths. It creates a beautiful illusion and can be the crowning touch with that special dress. Although it is your choice, this veil is not recommended for petite women. This veil length will end around the mid-thigh and cut you legs in half.

Cathedral/Floor length/Chapel Veil:

All these names refer to a long veil that usually touches the floor, or goes past it. This veil is popular at more formal weddings, although it can be used to make the bride feel like a princess in a fairytale at any wedding. It can be worn with a blusher veil or any of the shorter veils. It is usually removed at the reception for ease of movement.

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Other wedding accessories for your head:


Did you know?

Tiaras were originally hand crafted and designed for coronations, which included popes, queens, princesses and later on, beauty pageant winners. Wedding tiaras are very popular among today’s brides as a favorite wedding accessory. If you're looking for something new in tiaras, check this out: There are now tiaras that can transform into jewelry to be worn after the wedding (visit Wearing this jewelry can bring back a flood of warm and tender thoughts of your special day.

This wedding accessory looks good on just about every bride since the shape of the tiara can be customized for the shape of your face. If your face tends to look a little fuller, look for a tiara with a higher point in the center to make your face appear slimmer. Your wedding hairstyle is also an important factor to consider when deciding whether to wear a tiara. They look especially lovely with a wedding updo hairstyle but they can be worn with most other hairstyles as well.

Your tiara can be worn with or without a veil. If you choose a veil it can be attached to the tiara with Velcro or snaps so that it easily detaches when you are ready to remove it. A tiara is a special way to draw people’s attention up from your fabulous wedding dress to your face. When choosing this wedding accessory be sure your tiara matches the accents of your wedding dress. If your gown has pearls look for a tiara with pearls, etc. Wearing a tiara will make you look and feel like a princess for a day. Your dream of a fairytale wedding day becomes a reality!

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More wedding accessories for your head:



If you know you’ll be wearing your hair down you might want to consider a headband as your wedding accessory. It can be used to keep your hair away from your face or just as a decoration.

Double Headband:

This wedding accessory is extremely adaptable since you can wear it as a headband, a tiara, or wrapped around a bun or updo.

Bun wrap or bun ring:

This wedding accessory wraps completely around your bun or upswept hairdo. This wedding accessory can be made of flowers or metal with crystals or pearls. A veil can be attached in the back of this wedding accessory.

Combs, hair pins or flowers:

These wedding accessories can be used to accent your wedding hairstyle for a less formal look. When choosing this wedding accessory, look for ones that compliment your dress and hairstyle. Flowers can be woven into a wreath or just a few mixed can be mixed into your hairdo. Put pins and combs where you want some sort of accent.


This wedding accessory is worn at the back of your head. It can be worn around a bun and it looks especially romantic with a veil attached. It is a lovely way to keep the focus on your face, while still wearing something dazzling.

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Wedding accessories to carry:

Wedding Handbags and Purses

A bridal purse or handbag is a wedding accessory every bride needs. Whether you’ll use it when you go from table to table to talk to your guests, and collect any wedding gift cards that are waiting for you, or just need it as a place to keep your wedding emergency kit, you’ll want to have a bridal purse or bag. This wedding accessory comes in many styles and sizes and this decision can be made by deciding what you’ll want to carry in it, although this is not the day for a big purse.

If you or someone you know has some sewing talent, this is something that can be made by someone rather quickly. There are plenty of patterns available and lots of fabric to choose from. One recent bride we know had her wedding purse made by her mom from a beautiful wedding gown that was no longer wanted by the former bride. (This same gown also yielded a ring pillow and material to line the inside and outside of two flower girl baskets with plenty of material to spare).

If you want to buy a purse or handbag for your special day there are some gorgeous handbags in countless styles and fabrics to choose from. Some can even be dyed to match any color you choose.

The style of your gown can help you decide what type of handbag or purse to buy. With a formal gown, a purse with Swarovski crystals, pearls, or gems will look right. Gowns with less formality go well with simpler bridal purses. Less expensive decorations along with simpler materials go well with semi-formal and informal gowns.

Types of handbags or purses to choose from:

• Clutch or envelope purses are ideal for a small wedding purse.

• Pouch style purses are very popular among brides since the cloth strap can easily be worn on the bride’s wrist and this leaves hands free for hugging.

• Strap handbags are for the bride who wants to carry more than just a few things. They can be plain and simple or expensively decorated.

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Wedding accessories to wear:

Wedding Jewelry

Did you know?

Although most celebrity brides will wear some really expensive jewelry on their wedding day, like diamonds or other precious stones, most of the time it is just on loan from their favorite jewelry store or favorite jeweler.

This wedding accessory is probably the one that most brides give little or no thought to when they are planning what they’ll wear. Some will decide to wear something they already own or something they receive new as a gift without thinking about whether or not it compliments their whole ensemble. Then there are those brides who forgo the whole idea of this wedding accessory, and they miss the chance to complete the whole look by adding a little more sparkle to their day, simply because they have no idea what they should do.

When deciding on what to wear on your wedding day, some of the following tips may help you decide what to choose.

First and foremost, when choosing this wedding accessory, remember this: Never wear jewelry that is so ornate that it detracts from your face. Consider your dress and what you’ll be wearing on your head before deciding on your jewelry.

wedding jewerly

Second, consider the neckline of your dress. If it is high, a necklace may not be needed. If you have a neckline that is low enough to sport a necklace choose one that fits the spot. Your necklace should fall high at the hollow of your throat or mid-way between your neck and the top of your wedding dress. This can be a chocker, or try a 16” or an 18” necklace and see where it lands. A bridal classic is a simple strand of pearls. This is a great way to get in ”something old” if your mom or grandmother has a strand of pearls for you to wear. A simple gold or silver chain with a small pendant, or a diamond or colored stone that matches your wedding color (bridesmaid dresses or wedding flower colors) will look like it was meant to be there. This also could be just the spot to place “something old” or “something new”.

Third, your necklace, earrings, tiara, and wedding band should all compliment each other. If you’ll be wearing a bracelet this should compliment anything else you’ll be wearing, also. They do not all have to be the exact same color or style but should look like they all belong together. Small, dainty bracelets are best. Most brides do not wear a watch.

Lastly, simple earrings will always be the best choice, especially if you’ll be wearing a tiara. A small pair of studs, buttons, knots, or small to medium hoops or drops will be enough. You really don’t need the focus that earrings bring to your face normally because you will have enough going on. If you’ll be wearing a tiara keep your earrings very small and extremely complimentary to your tiara.

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More Wedding Accessories to wear:

Wedding Shoes

Did you know?

More than ½ of all brides end up barefoot at their reception due to making the wrong choice in footwear? If you wish to wear a fancy shoe that isn’t all that comfortable or a heel that you’re not use to, a wise choice is to bring along an inexpensive second pair of flat shoes or ballet slippers to change into.

Also, did you know that some bridal shoes have a “blue” colored leather sole in case you’re stumped on what to wear for “something blue”

Since most brides' feet are covered by their wedding dress, they find choosing this wedding accessory, a pair of shoes, the easiest decision of all to make. They fail to realize just how many times their feet will show. But choosing this wedding accessory will be easy if you answer these simple questions:




Heel Height?

The answers to these questions will tell you exactly what pair of shoes you should choose.

wedding shoes

Style Which style do you want to wear? Sandals, ballet shoes or slippers, pumps, slingbacks or maryjanes? There are wedding shoes made for every style of wedding. From beautiful sandals to wear to a beach wedding, to 3” heels meant for fancy, formal occasions. If your budget is tight, look for a pair of shoes that are comfortable and reasonably priced.

Color Most wedding shoes are available in white or ivory and can be dyed to match your dress or a complimentary color. Complimentary colors seem to be fashionable at the moment.

Ruby wedding shoes

Those brides who are wearing a wedding dress with a splash of color somewhere on it, either woven into the design or as a sash, are choosing to wear shoes of this color also. Example: a ruby colored sash with ruby dyed shoes. This wedding accessory is a great place to add a little pizzazz to your ensemble.

Comfort Do you want shoes that you can keep on all day, perhaps four to six hours, including dancing or do you want to have two pairs, one for the ceremony and another pair for the reception? Wear your new shoes around the house for several hours each day to break them in. Be sure the bottoms of your shoes are non-slip or if you find they are slippery take some sandpaper and scuff up the bottoms to ensure that you don’t slip and fall at anytime during your wedding day.

Heel Height Deciding on a heel or no heel can depend on whether you and the groom-to-be are equal in height or one is taller than the other. Choose no heel if you both are about the same height or if you are taller. If the groom-to-be is taller than you, you have the option of wearing a heel or not. Of course, some women are not intimated by the height difference and will choose to wear a heel anyway. Naturally, it is the bride’s choice. Just remember to think about all the pictures that will be taken and how will it look.

Do you want a heel? Choose from:

Low heel: 1” to 1 1/2” heels. A great choice. This heel is comfortable and easy to dance in.

Medium heel: 2 to 2 1/2 “ heels. A beautiful choice for the bride who is used to wearing heels of this height.

wedding shoes

High: 2 3/4” to 3” heels. A dazzling shoe which should only be worn by brides who are experienced in wearing this height. Your wedding day is not the time to wear a heel size you’re not comfortable in and have no practice with. If you insist on wearing a heel that you are unaccustomed with, be sure to get plenty of practice around the house before the big day. And bring a smaller heel or a pair of flats to change into later, in case your feet or legs start to revolt.

Or do you prefer no heel? There are plenty of no heel options to choose from. They include ballet shoes or slippers, sandals, or flats. If you prefer a more elegant style for the ceremony, a wise idea is to buy a pair of any one of these for later on. After being on your feet for hours, you’ll want the comfort these soft, easy to wear shoes bring. So much better than going barefoot!

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And more Wedding Accessories to wear:

Wedding gloves

This wedding accessory is a long standing tradition that has been a part of a bride's wedding ensemble for many years. Gloves are not something every bride wants to wear but the bride who does has a beautiful selection to choose from.. If you’ll be wearing a sleeveless wedding dress, perhaps you may want to wear a pair of gloves. The only decisions to make as far as gloves are concerned are what color and what length you would like. They are available in different shades of white, ivory and several other colors. The gauntlet glove (see below) is the best choice if you do not want to waste time removing your glove during the ring portion of the ceremony, since your fingers are exposed. You may also want to decide if your bridesmaids and flower girl will wear gloves, if you’re wearing them.

Wrist length: Usually a standard pair of gloves, which may have a button closure or a small elastic gather to make putting them on and taking them off much easier.

Elbow length: A long pair of gloves that stop at or near the elbow. This length of glove can be a standard glove or a gauntlet style glove. A gauntlet has no fingers and usually one strap for your middle finger to keep them in place.

Opera length: (past the elbow) This length is very long and may require help to get the perfect placement of the top of the glove. This glove may be cuffed to take it down to elbow length. Usually this length glove is saved for more formal occasions.

All gloves can be plain or fancy and come in many types of material. Look for a pair with some stretch in them for easy access.

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Another Wedding Accessory to carry:

Bridal Hankies

Did you know?

A baby bonnet made from a hankie (available at most hospital gift shops and major department stores) is a cute gift to give a newborn girl. With a few snips it becomes the hankie she can carry down the aisle on her special day.

Although a bridal hankie is one of the wedding accessories, it is not a necessity for your wedding day. Most brides don’t give it a thought, but a bridal hankie is a sweet little something a bride can carry in her handbag to be used to wipe away any joyful tears. It can also be wrapped around the bridal bouquet for some added style. Check to see if your mother or any other female relative has one they saved and would like to hand down to you. If not, buy an inexpensive pretty hankie and start your own tradition. They are available in soft cotton or Swiss lace with varying edge trim on the corner and they even come in soft, pale blue.

Other wedding accessories to think about:


Ring bearer pillow

Flower girl basket

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Wedding Accessories add the crowning touch!

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