Hair Colors for
Warm Skin Tones

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Wondering if you have warm skin tones?

Deciding if you have warm skin tones can seem an impossible task, but we have some sure fire ways for you to tell. You have warm skin tones if:

Beyonce Knowles

The veins in your arms tend to look green and/or your face looks best next to an orange scarf like Beyonce.

If this is you and your natural hair color is one of these:

Natural golden blonde

Dark brown with gold or red highlights

Red or strawberry blonde


Your natural skin color (no makeup or tan) is one of these:

Peaches and cream

Pale with gold undertones

Brown with pink undertones

Brown with golden undertone

Pale with peach or gold undertones


Reddish, rosy or ruddy


Your eye color is one of these:

Golden brown

Green blue, green, or turquoise

Hazel with gold or brown specks


Your perfect hair color choices are:

You should choose colors with the word gold, beige, sun, or honey in them.

Rich golden browns and golden blond shades as well as auburn are perfect for warm tones.

Use warm gold or red highlights.

Avoid any hair color with the word ash in it.

Also avoid extreme hair colors like jet black, white, blue or violet.

More tips for warm skintones:

Your eyes are hazel, dark brown or black: You can wear the very dark colors including black, medium to dark browns, or golden browns. You can also choose dark reds to bring out highlights in you natural color like wine or shades of auburn.

Your eyes are hazel, blue or green: If you’re natural color is medium blonde to light brown try adding golden or light highlights to bring out the best shade for you. Warm medium brunette is the darkest you should go.

Your eyes are hazel, blue or green: If you’re a natural light blondeuse golden blondes to very light brunettes. If you’re natural blonde hair has natural red highlights you can use bright red tones or warm reds.

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Please read The Perfect Hair Color for You for more information.

Warm skin tones are beautiful!

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