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Where are the best Virtual Makeovers or Makeover Games online?

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Whether your looking for a virtual makeover or want to play a makeover game online we have all the latest information on where to find the best of the bunch. Free online makeovers are all over the Internet. Some are by leading cosmetic companies who, of course, are promoting their cosmetics. And why not? If you find just the right color for your lips, they are hoping you will purchase it from them, and save yourself the trouble of looking all over town trying to find that exact shade. The following is an independent review of some of the best sites on the Internet where you can go to find a free makeover. If you are looking to makeover not only your appearance but your whole life as well check this out first:

Become an It Girl: Click here for Your Ultimate Looks and Life Makeover

Want to view over 8000 hairstyles in 50 colors and 35 highlights? Then the TheHairStyler is for you! You can upload your own picture or choose a "real" model or celebrity. You can try this out right here without leaving out site and see what you think. Can you believe over 8000 hairstyles, everything from everyday to celebrity, dreadlocks to wedding hair and even men’s hairstyles. You can upload unlimited pictures of yourself or even your friends or family!

And if your brave and can handle comments you can even add your makeovers to My Hair – Your Say and get votes and hear what others think. You can also add it to Facebook. Just$14.95 for 3 months.

Daily Makeover

Here they say you will “find the most complete virtual makeover tool available today” You can upload a picture of yourself or simply pick one of their models, they have both male and female, that resembles you. Not only do you get to try on over 3000 hairstyles with multi-highlights, but they also have cosmetic colors from your favorite brands, as well as colored contacts, teeth whitening and so much more! You can also browse the “before and after” gallery where makeovers done by other Daily Makeover members are viewed and voted on. They are sorted by Newest, Top Rated and Most Viewed They are also sorted by categories such as: Everyday, Prom, Evening, Extreme, Wedding, and Funny. They also have a Tips and Tricks section as well as celebrity hairstyles. You’ll enjoy this one for sure! Free Virtual Makeover

Ivillage has a free and fun online makeover game. You can try on makeup, hairstyles and accessories by picking one of their 12 models (picking out the one that most resembles you) or by scanning a picture of yourself. By picking out any area of the face, you can choose a color to appear on your lips, eye, cheeks, etc. You can save your new look or even send it to a friend to get a second opinion. This game is a lot of fun.

The Virtual Makeover

The game at Mabelline’s website is called “The Makeup Studio” It’s easy to use. You just choose a face, or submit your own photo, and then try on all types of makeup. This game also has an Expert section where you can choose from today’s hottest makeup trends, including day and night looks. After finding just the right look you can save your new creation, print it out, or send it to a friend. Virtual Makeover
MakeoverSolutions - thousands of hairstyles, makeup colors & accessories to try on!

In this makeover game you get to try on great hair styles, including celebrity hair styles. You can color your hair with real products and apply highlights in the amount you would like. Of course, you get to try on all sorts of cosmetics, even getting to try on the look of your favorite celebrity. Unlike other websites, you can try on accessories like colored contacts and different styles of glasses (including sunglasses), and see how you would look with whiter teeth. Amazing!

Mary Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay has a free online makeover under their “What’s New” button on their website. It’s fun and easy. First, you choose a model with the closest skin tone and eye color as your own. Next, you try on different makeup colors. When you like what you see, you can buy your new favorites right online. Mary Kay gives great application tips on how to apply eye color using three different colors and how to finish the look with eyeliner. There are other great tips in the online makeover section of the Mary Kay site, which include how to apply color to cheeks and lips. While free online makeovers are lots of fun, knowing how to apply these great new colors you’ve chosen to your own face is essential.

Hair Style Editor

We've found another great place to upload your photo and try on thousands of new hair styles. You can try on the latest hair styles, hair extensions, hair accessories, celebrity hairstyles, straighten hair, and even elaborate bridal hairstyles. You get access to their hair style gallery with over 3,950 hairstyles. You also get a bonus 68 page e-book of hair tips, written by a top hair stylist. Click here to hear the talking cat head and to get more info on this site. Virtual Makeover

BeautyRiot’s free virtual makeover is a little different than the previously mentioned ones. This makeover game lets you try on hair colors and styles of your favorite celebrity, as well as their makeup, on your own picture. Ever wonder what you’d look like with Jessica Simpson’s hair or Jennifer Aniston’s lip liner? Some celebrities have more than one look featured in this free online makeover game. It’s as easy as few clicks. They have hundreds of celebrities to choose from and when you’re finished you can save and/or email your new self to all your friends.

Alexis Vogel, the famous celebrity makeup artist of Pamela Anderson and others, also has a website which offers free virtual makeovers. It is available to you if you send her your email address and your first name. She will also send you free makeup tips. She specializes in transforming plain Janes into Va VA Voom! (Her words).

Instyle Magazine

Instyle Magazine has a virtual makeover game called “Hollywood Hair Makeover” on their site. It is free after you register.

You can use one of their 20 models or upload your own picture. You can pick from a long list of celebrities hairstyles or pick a hair style such as Bangs, Curly, Party, Short, Straight, Wavy or Wedding
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These are some of the best virtual makeovers and makeover games on the internet today!

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