Taylor Swift Beauty Secrets

Here are some of Taylor Swift’s best beauty secrets:

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Taylor Swift's Curls

Country Girl Style:

This country crooner's spiral curls, dramatic eyes, and feminine style are almost as well-known as her beautiful voice. Lucky for us, she is very generous with her beauty tips!

Get Taylor Swift’s Spiral Curls:

Taylor gets her trademark curls with a spiral iron. To get her look, first lightly coat damp hair with a thermal styling spray or gel. After hair is dry, take a one inch wide section of hair and secure the ends in the spiral iron. Then twist the iron until the entire section is wound around it. Wait about ten seconds and then release. You may need more or less time depending on your hair type. Repeat this process until all of your hair is in spiral twists. Then pick out each twist with a hair pick for super body and bounce. Never brush spiral curls or they will get frizzy! You can also achieve the spiral curled look with steam rollers. Twist a one inch section of hair from roots to ends. Then wind the twist around the steam roller after you hold it above the steam. Be sure not to let the twist overlap on the rollers. Steam the roller clasp and then fasten it onto the roller. Repeat this process until your entire head is covered in covered rollers. Wait about twenty minutes, longer for extra hold, and then blast the rollers with cool air from your blow dryer to further lock in the spiral curls. Then take the rollers out and let the spiral twists spill down. Comb each twist out with a hair pick for head turning spiral curls!

Get Taylor Swift’s Dramatic Eyes:

Taylor has very light eyes and she likes to play them up by trying out different colored pencil eyeliners. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colorful liners in blues, greens, violets, and grays. Taylor is often seen sporting frosty blue eyeliner to match her eyes. For a dramatic look, use a black eyeliner and line your top lid, drawing the line slightly up at the ends. This look is known as the “cat eye” look. Then finish the look by applying two coats of dramatic black mascara. Taylor recommends using a waterproof brand.

Get Taylor Swift’s Feminine Style::

Taylor is crazy about sundresses. She likes to wear them as bikini cover-ups on the beach or with flip flops for a casual daytime look. At night she will pair them with a really sexy pair of shoes. She is also into the bohemian look. This look is a little hippie, a little folksy. Look for peasant blouses or dresses with embroidery or paisley prints. Romantic tops, leather bracelets, beads, and hoop earrings also define this look. And she never forgets a pair of sunglasses, the ultimate accessory!

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