Tall Clothes for Fashionable Gals

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Where in the world can you find fun, flattering, fashionable tall clothes for gals who are 5 foot 9 inches and up?

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Alloy.com: This tall clothes supplier offers trendy clothes for teens or teen-at-heart gals of all ages in sizes 0 to 29. Here the focus is on fun and flirty! You will find some of the cutest, girliest tops and dresses on this pretty peach website, which is actually an entertainment hub as well as a virtual store. This is also a great place for tall gals to shop because the jean inseams are as long as 37 inches! The best thing about this website is that most of the items are under $40.00 so it's like being a kid in a candy store! While you're there you can check out the fun quizzes and entertainment scoops they've got for you to kill time with.

ColumnClothing.com: This store has shirts, pants, and jeans for tall women and teens. There are even 38 inch inseams for sale! Their novelty shirts have tall attitude. If you are a tall blonde you can get a shirt that says “Tall Blonde Ale”, or how about a T-shirt emblazoned with “Amazon Academy” or “Tall Girls Rock”? Sizes 6 to 20.

DesignElevations.com: This store offers designer-style clothing for tall women, teens, juniors and some of the clothes come in plus-sizes.

Long Elegant Legs.com: This store offers tall clothes for both the classic or trendy woman or teen. The clothes are designed to be very flattering to the tall figure with extra long sleeves and flattering seams. The pants and jeans are offered in a 36 inch inseam. They also have active wear pajamas and shoes. There are plenty of styles available in plus sizes as well. CBSG highly recommends this site for the fabulous style and fit!

MyTights.com: This store offers pantyhose for women who are over 6 feet tall. They also offer the body-cinching undergarments known as Spanx, a favorite of celebrities everywhere.

SvobodaStyle.com: This clothing supplier features clothes designed by a California fashionista. These clothes are very detail oriented and fun. There are jeans for tall women with inseams of 35 inches, but these clothes are for plus sizes only, size 14 to 28.

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