Ageless Style Secrets

Or, how to look pulled together at any age

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The most important style secrets for looking ageless, according to style expert Isabel, are the little things you do to look as pulled together as possible.

Shirley Jones

Isabel's style secrets can help anyone, celebrity or not. Your clothes should bring out your best by making you feel confident. If you don't feel confident then perhaps your clothes are working against you. No problem. Just get your wardrobe to work for you. Read on to find tips, tricks, secrets and solutions for becoming the stylish you you always knew you could be, at any age!

Isabel's Style Secrets:

• When you splurge and buy a great pair of shoes be sure to put them on a shoe tree to keep them in shape.

• A scarf will add elegance to any outfit. It helps you to look pulled together.

• Jackets with no collar will enable you to show off necklaces and scarves. And you can wear a turtleneck with this type of jacket.

• If you have a garment that is great quality but was ruined, think of how you can wear it and cover up the flaw. As an example, if you have a beautiful, high quality blouse which gets stained, you can wear it under a light jacket or vest.

• Clorox Clean up sprayed on a white blouse can get rid of scotch marks.

• Fitted clothes make you look thinner, baggy clothes make you look fatter. Shapely clothes will always be more flattering.

• Whenever you go shopping, visualize how you will wear articles of clothing, like which necklaces, what type of pants or skirt, what type of shoes, will look good, etc…

• As Coco Chanel said, Put on all the accessories you think you should wear that night and then take one piece off. You will look like a Christmas tree if you wear too much.

• You have to wear your clothes in your own style and not let your clothes wear you. Don’t be a slave to fashion. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

• If you want to appear slimmer, avoid horizontal stripes. Darker colors are the most flattering. V-necks will slim you more than crew necks.

• To avert fashion disasters, use clinical strength deodorant, such as Secret Clinical strength. This way you will avoid underarm wetness. You may also want to carry a mini sewing kit, extra pair of pantyhose, clear nail polish, mini perfume and lint roller for fashion emergencies. And don’t forget to carry an umbrella. Keep one in your car and one in your house just in case.

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