Sophia Loren Beauty Tips

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So what's the deal about Sophia Loren and olive oil?

Sophia Loren

• When she first came on the celebrity scene in the fifties and sixties, Sophia Loren was known for her thick dark hair and exotic brown cat-eyes. Sophia has even written a beauty advice book called Women and Beauty, which is available at Who better to write such a book than a woman who is still drop dead gorgeous in her seventies! She must be doing something right!

• Sophia explains that in Italian culture women can be considered beautiful no matter what age they are if they take care of themselves. She offers her advice on discipline, makeup, skin, hair, fashion, style, eating healthy and exercising. Sophia believes that preserving your looks has a lot to do with what you eat. Check out our Celebrity Body section to learn how to eat nutritious food like Sophia!

• Sophia is a big fan of olive oil. While Sophia is sure to get two tablespoons of olive oil into her Mediterranean diet each day, she also rubs a small amount of olive oil into her skin everyday to keep it moisturized. She attributes her youthful looks to this ritual. (However, if you have sensitive or acne prone skin this is probably not a good idea). Olive oil is the healthiest of all cooking oils and the best "fat" to fit into your diet. According to the Official Sophia Loren Site (, Sophia's beauty secret is a love of life, spaghetti and the occasional bath in virgin olive oil!

• Sophia also believes that women can enhance their beauty with colorful jewelry.

•Sophia is also extremely humble about her looks. She has said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that she does not consider herself beautiful in the classical definition. She describes her face as "interesting" instead. Sophia also is a big proponent of inner beauty, and has said that attitude and charm can make anybody beautiful.

• Sophia also has revealed a celebrity style secret. She says, "The cut and tailoring of a Giorgio Armani suit is mysteriously elegant- the formula can't be defined. It is just beautiful and simply Armani."

• Sophia is famous for her eyewear. She sports very flattering, sophisticated styles. She is often seen in oversized and cat-eyed varieties. She actually has her own line of both eyeglasses at

Here is the Italian beauty mamboing and flamenco dancing her way into the hearts of cinema audiences...

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