Short Hair Style

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Why Women Love Short Hair

What is a short hair style?

Meg Ryan Short Hair Style

A short hair style, like Meg Ryan is wearing, is usually chin length or shorter. A short hairstyle can be anything from a pixie cut to a bob cut with a million variations in between.

Not sure if short hair is for you? Try these ideas before you take the plunge:

1. Pull your hair back in a ponytail. Now only your face gets noticed. Do you get compliments?

2. Try on a short wig and live with it for a while.

3. Pin your hair up to create different lengths to see which one looks the best on you.

Why do women with short hair love it?

1. It’s easier to take care of. Some short hairstyles are just “wash and go”. Compared to longer hair, a shorter hair style will take much less time to dry, will require a lot less hair product, will save you money, and almost always looks good without countless touchups all day long. This reduces the stress most women feel all day wondering if their hair style looks anything close to what it looked like when they left the house in the morning.

2. A shorter hairstyle is more business-friendly and professional. Big wigs like Oprah and Martha Stewart always keep their hair on the shorter side.

3. Shorter hair shows you're confident. You put yourself out there without reservations when your hair is short.Shorter hair will make your facial features POP!4. It is said that shorter hair makes you look younger. Adding some volume to the top of your head will actually seem to take years off your looks.

Any draw backs to a short hair style?

If you have any flaws you would like to hide, be careful about how short you go.

If your ears stick out more than you would like you may want to pick a style that will cover them.

A large or wrinkled forehead, or a not so perfect nose could all benefit from some longer length bangs.

If you have a super long neck keep your hair no shorter than chin length.

Remember the less hair you have the more your features or flaws will stand out.

How do you care for short hair?

Short hair is the easiest to care for since naturally there is less of it. Most times a simple wash and some styling gel, (no drying needed) and you’re out the door. Or try some mousse and a little blow drying and a touch of hair spray, if you prefer a more natural look.


Women wearing a short hairstyle should play up their facial features, since people will notice your face more than your hair. Always start with a clean canvas – a good foundation. Then add a touch of eyeliner pencil and a good mascara. Don’t forget to curl those lashes as your eyes will be your best focal point. Subtle shades of eye shadow look great as does a touch of blush and a little lip gloss. Under 10 minutes and you’re done!

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