Help Me!
I MUST Have Shiny Legs!

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Or, is that Crisco she’s wearing on her shiny legs?

Does this beauty crisis sound familiar?

Jessica Simpson's shiny legs

Help Me! Suddenly, I have noticed every celebrity on late night talk shows, from Jessica Simpson to Top Model winners, flashing the GLOSSIEST legs ever! I have no idea what they are using to achieve this Crisco-d look, but it is stunning and I MUST have it! My shimmer lotions are pretty, but my legs don't glisten like that! HELP!

So what in the world should you do about it?

All of the following have been used by celebrity makeup artists, photographers, swimsuit models, or body builders to achieve shiny legs. Be sure to shave and exfoliate your legs before product application for maximum shine. You can exfoliate with baking soda or sugar mixed with honey, a commercial scrub, or a wash cloth. If you decide to use an oil, rub it into your legs while you are in the shower to avoid messes. This look is also enhanced by skin bronzed with self tanner first. See our Best Self Tanners article in the Celebrity Skin section.

Glossy Shiny Leg Secrets

Almond Oil: Almond oil can give you shiny legs. How To: Rub it into the skin to make legs shine. Any natural oil like almond, jojoba, and coconut can give the sheen you are looking for. Just remember a little goes a long way because if you put too much on it will look greasy.

Baby Oil: Baby oil can give you shiny legs. How To: Rub it into the skin to make legs shine. This is used on swimsuit models and is applied frequently during photo shoots. Slick a generous amount of this down your legs after rubbing it between your hands first. Then rub it into your skin. Just keep in mind that baby oil is very difficult to remove and can get very messy on furniture, so consider using this carefully. Most makeup artists only apply baby oil when the model is standing up to avoid staining furniture. The beach may be the most appropriate venue for this look. By the way, the wet, “fresh from the pool look” of water droplets on swimsuit clad bodies in photos is the result of baby oil from a mister spray bottle. Gel baby oil is easier to apply.

Baby Oil and Water: Baby oil and water can give you shiny legs. How To: Put a tablespoon of baby oil and 1/2 - 1 cups of water into a spray bottle and shake before spraying. Then rub this into your skin to make legs shine. This gives great shine without getting too oily. Use only regular baby oil and not gel for this.

Baby Oil with Glitter Mixed in: This concoction can give you shimnery legs. How To: Makeup artists will pour glitter into a bottle with baby oil in it and shake well, adding a touch of water if necessary to make legs shimmer.

Body Gloss: Body gloss can make legs shine and shimmer. How To: Apply Palmers Moisturizing Oil followed by Palmer’s Body Gloss for shiny legs with an intense glow and a touch of shimmer

Glycerin and Water: Glycerin and water gives legs an industrial strength shine. How To: You can buy glycerin in your local craft store. Mix half and half with water. It beads like water when coming out of a spray bottle so if you don’t want that effect rub it into skin.

Heavy Duty Moisturizers: Olay Quench Body Lotion can make legs shine and shimmer. How To: Make your legs shiny and shimmery by rubbing in a large quantity.

Moisturizer, Bronzing Powder, with a Dash of Body Glitter: This concoction is used by bikini contest contestants to get instantly tanned, shimmery legs. How To: Mix ingredients and then rub into skin, letting it dry for 15 minutes before dressing. This gives a good even skin tone with a little shine, kind of like body makeup.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is great for shiny legs. How To: Stick with regular olive oil as opposed to Extra Virgin which has a stronger smell. The faint smell that regular olive oil has will fade and if it really bothers you just combine it with any essential oil.

Pam Cooking Spray: Believe it or not, this is used by bodybuilders for skin sheen. Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine does not recommend this method because Pam Cooking Spray has a yellowish cast.

Shimmer Body Lotion: A shimmer body lotion is good for one who wants legs with a subtle sheen. How To: Use a lotion with a shimmer base to it. “Either pick up a makeup product with a shimmer to it and mix it with your lotion, or pick up a lotion that has shimmer in it already. Many different types of makeup lines carry products with a shimmer base, such as shimmer foundation, shimmer gold eye shadow (which you can crush and add to your lotion), highlighting sticks.... Just mix with any basic type of lotion. You can also get that new lotion by Jergens that has a shimmer base to it to get shiny, shimmery legs”, -Jen a makeup artist as posted on

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