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First, why should I use self tanners?

self tanners

Looking for the best self-tanners available? We’ve got them- including a celebrity favorite! But first, know that you’re one of the smart ones. For years, we’ve been told STAY OUT OF THE SUN. It was 1979 when the FDA announced it would be ranking sunscreens by their SPF factor. They reported that everyone should wear sunscreen when going outdoors to help prevent the rising cases of skin cancer. In 1985 the American Academy of Dermatology came to the very unpopular conclusion that “there is no safe way to tan outdoors”. Did America heed their warning? NO! Over a million people will develop skin cancer this year alone and about 10,000 will die from it. You don’t want to be one of them.

Why is tanning in the sun or a sun booth so harmful to the skin?

tanning bed

Everyone should know by now that exposure to the sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays can cause skin cancer, which, of course, should be your #1 reason for staying out of the sun, or out of tanning beds. This is caused by exposure to the UV radiation from the sun which can suppress your immune system. Even if you don’t develop skin cancer, you are doing some irreversible damage to your skin, especially your face, every time you expose it to UV radiation. The sun will cause premature aging of the skin, which will include: dryness, sagging, deep furrows, especially in the forehead, wrinkles (of course), loss of elasticity and discoloring of the skin which will cause spots to appear. AND 80% of this all happens in the first years of life. You may have seen some older people wth skin that looks like leather - BINGO! The sun is also VERY damaging to your eyes, so please wear sunglasses every time you go out. They’re not just a fashion statement.

Enough with the Lecture - What are the best Self-tanners? Now you know why you shouldn’t expose your beautiful self to the sun’s rays, so let’s check out all the ways to self-tan.

    fake bake

    Fake Bake:

    The choice of celebrities like Britney Spears, Kelly Ripa, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Fake Bake self-tanning products contain Botanical extracted ingredients and no preservatives. They guarantee that all their Fake Bake sun tanning products will give you a rich looking tan, as well as moisturize and protect your body by not clogging your pores. It is also great on sensitive skin. These self-tanning products can also be used on your face, will not stain your clothes, and take about 20 minutes to dry. You will need to apply it once or twice a week. Fake Bake carries a complete line of over 30 products, which include self- tanning lotion and mousse, lip gloss, body butters, buffing powders, blushes and even self-tanning application gloves. All these products are available at their site

The following is a list of some of the best self-tanners gathered by our research panel. Your experience with them may differ as everyone’s skin color and texture, and the way you apply the product makes a big difference in the final outcome. You may have to try several before you find the one that works best for you.

    Clinique self tanner

    Clinique Self-Tanning Body Mist:

    This self-tanning product is great if you have trouble applying these products. You spray it on and then rub it in. It dries quickly, so you’ll be set to go. It is oil-free, alcohol free, and tans you in about 2-3 hours.

    Neutrogena self tanner

    Neutrogena Instant Bronze, Deep:

    This product is actually a self-tanner and bronzer in one. You get instant color from the bronzer and then a rich tan in about 30 minutes. Complete coverage is easy because the bronzer tint shows you where it has been applied. Drying time is about 5 minutes and it is available in medium and dark.

    Clarins self tanner

    Clarins Tinted Self-Tanning Face Cream:

    This self-tanning face product is reported to give you a natural looking tan. It will moisturize and hydrate your face, as well as add some protection from the sun with SPF15. It goes on easy but can take up to 2 hours to see the results.

    bain de solei

    Bain de Soleil Streakguarde Self Tanning Cream:

    This self-tanning crème is reported to make those “I know you’ve used a self-tanner” streaks a thing of the past. According to Redbook’s beauty editor Cheryl Kramer this self-tanner is a good one “for the beginner”. It has a coconut scent and will not clog pores.

Self Tanning Tips:

Even though you are wearing a self-tanner DON’T forget your sunscreen. Some self-tanners may have SPF added, but you may still have to add more.

Wear gloves. This will keep the palms of your hands clean and help to even out the tanning lotion.

When choosing a self-tanner, read the label. Look for Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This active ingredient is what causes the outer layer of your skin to darken.

Take a shower before beginning your self-tanning session. Exfoliate any dry or rough areas to give the lotion a smooth surface to cling to.

Be sure to apply your self-tanner in very thin layers. This will speed up the drying time and prevent too much color from being applied.

Use a makeup sponge to apply self-tanners to your face.

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