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Sedu HairStyles with Sedu Flat Iron, as seen on Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hair Style

The secret is out! Have your been wondering how all those celebrities get that great flat straight hair style made so popular by Friend's co-star Jennifer Aniston? Wonder no more. Sedu Ceramic Ionic Professional Flat Iron is the secret to those gorgeous celebrity hair styles. And it is the Sedu Hair styles with Sedu Flat Iron that has taken the nation by storm!

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hair Style

The name Sedu comes from the word ‘seduction’ and is the creation of the New Jersey based American Beauty Supply Company, a company always a step ahead of the rest with an ever expanding, cutting edge, personal product care line. American Beauty Supply is devoted to quality products at affordable prices. Of course, the Sedu Flat Iron is one of their best sellers. With a long line of celebrity clients such as Jennifer Lopez, and upscale salon owners, the Sedu Flat Iron is making a name for itself!

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How does the Sedu Flat Iron work?

Sedu Hairstyle

The Sedu Flat Iron is guaranteed to take anyone’s frizzy, unmanageable hair and transform it into the Sedu hairstyle worn by many of today’s hottest and most admired celebrities. Sedu’s patented ultra-smooth Tourmaline ceramic plates will straighten and smooth your hair by using more negative ions than any other leading ceramic irons on the market today. The fact that the Sedu Flat Iron uses so many negative ions is the reason that you will spend half the amount of time to straighten your hair then you normally would, allowing you to get that Sedu hair style of the stars. The Sedu Flat Iron also uses a new Infra Red Heat Technology to add moisture and shine to your hair. The Sedu Flat Iron’s ergonomic design and the fact that it’s made from space age materials, which make it super-light, are the reasons Sedu Flat Irons are so easy to use. Would you believe that in less than 25 seconds after being plugged in, you'll be ready to create Sedu Hair styles with Sedu Flat Iron? And the Sedu Flat Iron comes with a 9 foot swivel cord making it easy to create Sedu Hair styles with Sedu Flat Iron.

Can I create Sedu Hairstyles with Sedu Flat Iron on any type hair?

The Sedu Flat Iron has an adjustable temperature control, which ranges from 240 degrees to 410 degrees which makes it perfect for all types of hair. Lower temperatures are great for thin or fine hair, bleached or fragile hair, and even damaged hair. The mid range is for normal hair and the higher temperatures will work wonders for heavy or coarse hair, ethnic hair and any hair that resists curling. Is there any wonder why the Sedu Flat Iron is rated the “Best Hair Straightener” by leading celebrity hairstylists, whether they’re working on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton,Britney Spears, Hilary Duff or YOU?!

Yes! I want a Sedu Hairstyle with Sedu Flat Iron. How much does the Sedu Flat Iron cost and where can I buy one?

Sedu Hair Iron

Sedu Flat Irons are sold at salons and beauty supply stores. The only sanctioned internet websites are and Click here for more information on Sedu Flat Iron at Folica.

The warranty may not apply if bought elsewhere. Sedu Flat Irons range in price from $118.00 to $130.00 The 1” Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener is best for shorter hair. The 1 ½" Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener is perfect for all other lengths.

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hair Style Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hair Style

How do I get that great Sedu Hairstyle with Sedu Flat Iron?

There are 4 fabulous Sedu hairstyles that you can create with the Sedu Flat Iron. They all start out with the same "3" steps. Be sure to use a great shampoo and conditioner. Washing your hair the night before works great.

1. Divide hair into small sections, pinning up and away any hair that you are not working on.

2. Starting at the roots, bring the Sedu Flat Iron down, slowly and steadily. Do this to each section.

3. Repeat if needed. Use a thermal spray to give your hair some body, bounce and shine.

Now decide which Sedu hairstyle you would like:

  • Flat Straight: Bring the Sedu Iron straight down from root to tip, slowly. Do not curve the iron at all.

  • Soft Curls Wind the Sedu Iron in a circular motion as it travels down the length of your hair. Keep the iron moving along your hair shaft so that it does not burn your hair. If you keep the iron in one place it will fry your hair.

  • Flip Out: Slightly flip out the ends, by winding the Sedu Iron out, in a flip shape, keeping it moving along your hair as you do so.

  • Flip In: Slightly flip in the ends, by winding the Sedu Iron in, in a flip shape, keeping it moving along your hair as you do so.

Great Tip: A great tip from Sedu is to take a picture of your favorite hairstyle along with your Sedu Flat Iron to your own Hairstylist. They can show you how to use your Sedu Flat Iron to create just the Sedu hairstyle you want.

So whether you need a great Sedu hairstyle for a wedding or prom, or just want to have that celebrity look everyday, now you know how to get that Sedu hairstyle everyone is talking about!

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