Queen Latifah Beauty Secrets

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What are some of the best Queen Latifah beauty secrets?

• What undergarment has Queen Latifah confessed to using to streamline and slenderize her shape?

• Queen Latifah uses Lash Exact Mascara by CoverGirl (she is the spokeswoman) because of it's "patent-pending moldtrusion brush technology." What this means in plain English is that each bristle on the brush is spaced evenly with no variation so that it separates lashes better than traditional mascara wands. Many consumers who've reviewed it love the way it separates their lashes. They use it as a "base coat" or "primer" and then add a lengthening mascara over it as a top coat.

• Taking a beauty tip from her grandmother, Queen Latifah mixes baking soda and water and uses it for an exfoliator on her face.

• A Queen Latifah secret that keeps her hair from drying out is to put crème rinse in her hair at night and rinse it out in the morning. This creates a very deep conditioning. (Just be sure to protect your pillow.)

• Queen Latifah has teamed up with the beauty experts at CoverGirl to create her own line of cosmetics called CoverGirl Queen Collection. The fact that many makeup artists use her bronzers makes her very happy because she knows that they have access to tons of products and they know what’s best.

What she loves:

Her favorite facial moisturizer is Mario Badescu's Buttermilk Moisturizer . Her reason: “it's nice and light”.

Her favorite hair care products come from Pantene for “color treated hair”.

She loves Rosebud salve to keep her lips moist.

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