Pixie Hair Style Pictures

A Short Hair Style

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Here are some pixie hair style pictures of celebrities:

Some celebrities like to have a simple hair style that looks good any time of the day or night, since they never know when the paparazzi might snap their picture.

Pink's Pixie Hair Style                              Wionna Ryder's Pixie Hair Style Pink's Pixie Hair Style

Wionna Ryder's Pixie Hair Style

Pink's Pixie Hair Style

This pixie hair style on Pink is one of her more mild hair do's. This is an excellent cut, which needs only a slight bit of mousse after washing. combed towards the face with a slight swerve to the right and left to dry naturally.

Wionna Ryder's Pixie Hair Style

Wionna's hair style is a little bit more edgy. After washing and towel drying, apply a small amount of pomade and continue drying, bring most of the hair forward. Pull pieces of the hair up with a small round brush and continue drying to create spikes where you want them.

Shirley Jones' Pixie Hair Style                Sharon Stone's Pixie Hair Style Shirley Jones's Pixie Hair Style

Sharon Stone's Pixie Hair Style

Shirley Jones' Pixie Hair Style

This simple little hair style as been adorning Ms. Jones since we can remember. Just a good cut is all that’s needed. Use a little styling lotion as well as the volume making technique of blow-dry from under, then up and back down again. If you hair is really thick you may be able to skip the blow drying altogether. She wears it parted on the left with a few wispy bangs.

Sharon Stone's Pixie Hair Style

Sharon’s style fits her personality: modern and edgy. This style has more short layers cut into it which makes it easier to style this way. By using a styling gel and the volume drying techniques we talk about above, you can capture Sharon’s look for yourself.

Halle Berry's Pixie Hair Style Halle Berry's Pixie Hair Style

Halle Berry's Pixie Hair Style

Halle's short hair style is cut to perfection to bring out her natural curl. All that’s needed after a quick wash is some styling gel and you can let it dry natural. If you’ve never had your hair cut this short, we advise you try a very short wig to be sure it’s for you.

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