The Perfect Hair Color

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How can you find the perfect hair color for you?

Christina Aquilera

Looking for the perfect hair color for you? Want to try something new and exciting? Or are you just looking to cover the gray? Perhaps you just want to spruce up your tired drab color.

What is the perfect color for you? How will you decide? The selection is almost endless.

Palest Blonde

Denise Richards

If you’ve never used hair color before and are wondering where to start, hair color experts will tell you to pick a shade that is one or two shades darker or one or two shades lighter that your own natural shade to be on the safe side. They believe that the color Mother Nature gave you is what really will look best on you. They also believe that a good rule of thumb is to avoid both ends of the spectrum, colors like the deepest blacks or the lightest blondes unless you are very comfortable with your features.

Light Blonde
These extreme colors will magnify any imperfections that you may have.

Beyonce Knowles

Whether your perfect hair color comes from the salon or you prefer to color your hair at home choosing a shade that will look good on you is easy if you follow these tips from the hair color experts:

The best way to choose the perfect hair color is to pick one that will flatter your facial features. This includes your skin tone and eye color. Choosing the wrong shade can drastically change the way people see you.

Dark Blonde
The wrong color can maximize any flaws you may be trying to hide and even make you look fatigued or unhealthy.

Jennifer Aniston

What hair color can and can’t do for you

Hair color can cover the gray and make you look and feel younger.

Hair color can’t make dark hair go blonde in one step.

Hair color can cause an allergic reaction, pre-test first.

Light Brown
Hair color can add shine, highlights, lowlights,
warmth, and drama.

Nicole Kidman

Hair color can’t cover up a previous hair color
disaster. Always see an expert in Hair Color
Restoration if you've made a mistake.

Hair color can damage your hair.

A quote from Oprah’s hairstylist Andre “be sure your hair is in tip-top condition before you color it. If it’s damaged before you put chemicals in it, it’s only going to look that much worse afterward.” A very short hair cut may be your only option.

Light Red


Did you know?

A recent Clairol survey asked women, "If you could
choose a new hair color for a day what would it
be?" The winner? RED!

Dark Red

Here's how to choose the perfect hair color for you.

Carmen Electra

It is a fact that knowing your skin tone is very
important in helping you choose the perfect
hair color. There are several methods that
may help you to understand which skin tone
you have, Are your skin tones warm or cool?

Is your skin tone warm or cool? One way to tell is to check the color of your veins. If they appear more blue then you have “cool” tones and if they appear more green then you have “warm” tones.

Medium Brown
It may also help to compare the veins in your arm to someone else’s.

Jennifer Lopez


Try the “proven method” of cosmetic counters. Try draping 2 scarves next to your face, a blue and an orange. If the blue scarf looks best next to your face, then you have cool tones. If the orange scarf looks best, then you have warm tones.

Be careful that you have your true face color (no makeup or tan) to get the best results.

Dark Brown

Lucy Lui

Now that you know your skin tone color you can read more about choosing the perfect hair color for you by selecting either the warm or cool tone article:

Click here if you have cool skin tones.

Click here if you have warm skin tones.


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