Minx Nails and Celebrities

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Have You Heard of Minx Nails?

From San Diego, California comes a jaw dropping gorgeous, fashion statement for your nails. This patent pending, solid film known as Minx, covers your nails with never seen before metallic designs and graphics, as well as any pattern or photo. This flexible film is applied with heat and pressure and the film seals itself to your nail bed and becomes waterproof.

According to the creators of Minx they feel that these nail covers let women (and men) “extend fashion to their fingertips” in a new and glamorous way.

Minx Nails and Celebrities

Lady Gaga Minx Nails

Lady Gaga wore Minx Nails on the cover of Flare Magazine.

Paula Abdul posted photos of her fingers done with Silver, Gold and Black Weave, and her toes in Black with Chrome Polka Dots on Twitter. Her nails were done by Kimmie Kyees.

Reality star Kim Kardashian posted pictures on Twitter of her fingers done with Silver Fishnet and Zebra Print Minx by Chris Flowers.

Heidi Montag had a metallic red called Red Lightning applied to her fingers by Kimmie Kyees on her album cover shoot.

Christina Aguilera wore Silver Lightning Minx to the MTV VMA awards.

Paula Abdul *was interviewed after her guest appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” on October 5, 2009 and proves that she had been planning to attend Simon Cowell’s 59th birthday party… how? By showing off her customized Minx fingers in a Simon Cowell collage, and ten tiny Simon Cowell's on her Minxed toes.

Jordin Sparks with Minx Nails

Jordin Sparks, the 2007 American Idol winner, wore Silver Lightning French Manicure Minx applied by Kimmie Kyees for the filming of her music video, "Battlefield.

• Minx is available in a wide variety of gold and silver metallics that have never before been seen in nail fashion. There are also hundreds of standard designs and graphics, and Minx can be customized with any pattern or photo.

• Minx lasts approximately four to eight days on the fingers, and up to four weeks on the toes.

• Prices for Minx application vary, but the average price for a Minx manicure and application ranges from $45 to $65. Prices for a Minx pedicure and application range from $65 to $85.

We would love to share more of Minx’s huge celebrity following with you.

Here are a few lovers of Minx's:

Beyonce Knowles
Christina Aguilera
Blake Lively
Mariah Carey
Lisa Marie Presley
Lily Allen
Keyshia Cole
Katy Perry
Katy Perry with Minx Nails

Fergie and Minx Nails

Fergie Minxed Nails Closeup By Adam Orchon

Lindsay Lohan
Kelly Clarkson
Megan Fox
Avril Lavigne
Pamela Anderson
Heidi Montag
Queen Latifah
Mary J. Blige
Kim Kardashian
Florence Welch
Ciara, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Taylor Swift
Scarlett Johansson
Alicia Keys
Paris Hilton and

Keri Hilson with her Manicurist KaSundra Anderson

Keri Hilson with Minxed Nail done by KaSundra Anderson

Eve with her Minx Obama Nails
Eve with Minxed Obama Nails

Eve with Minxed Obama Nails closeup

Pam Anderson with Minx Nails

Pam Anderson with Minx Nails

Raven Syamone with Minx Nails Raven Symone Minx Nials

Carmen Electra with Minx Nails

Carmen Electra with Minx Nails

Jennifer Love Hewittwith Minx Nails

Jennifer Love Hewitt with Minx Nails

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