Mineral Makeup: Which ones are the best and how do I use them?

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Or what’s the deal with that natural, powdery stuff?

What is mineral makeup?

Also known as mineral foundation, these are natural makeups that are made from minerals. They can be dry like a powder like those made by Bare Escentuals or liquid like a foundation, like those by Illuminare Cosmetics. Most of these kinds of makeup are dry and powdery.

What are the best mineral-based foundations?

Among the highest rated are:

Merle Norman Luxiva Purely Mineral Makeup
Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Powder Foundation
Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20
Raw Natural Beauty Active Mineral Foundation
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 Foundation
Glo Minerals Loose base
BareMinerals Mineral Matte SPF 15 Foundation.

What are the pros and cons of mineral foundations?

Like any makeup, unfortunately there is "no one kind fits all". You have to experiment to find your perfect match which can get expensive. Therefore it is very helpful to know who the best candidate for mineral foundation is. If you have oily skin which tends to break out the mineral foundation will help you keep your skin clear because it is all natural. Plus the powdery consistency will blot out your shine. The brands listed above seem to all have great staying power. The average mineral foundation product lasts about three months.

However, there are some cons. if you have lots of bright, large acne on your face mineral foundations may not give you the coverage you are looking for. Also, if your skin tends to be dry, some of the brands may just make your skin look more dry. Finally, the products that come with brushes can get messy. Sometimes when you unscrew the cap to the jar that holds the makeup you will inadvertently send little mineral crumbs flying over your counter top. We definitely recommend opening such a product over your bathroom sink to avoid counter top clean up. Also open the jar slowly and gently. And finally read the instructions that come with the product. Sometimes you have to tap the brush to get the excess minerals off of the brush or you will apply too much.

How do I clean my mineral foundation brush?

Clean your mineral makeup brush every week. However, if you have sensitive skin or suffer from acne or rosacea clean it once a day. To clean, hold it under warm running water. Apply a bit of shampoo and lather. Then rinse. You will notice dark colored water leaving the brush. This is the old mineral makeup. This same ritual can be used to clean any kind of makeup brush.

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