Miley Cyrus Beauty Secrets

Here are some of Miley Cyrus’s best beauty secrets:

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Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

Beauty Double Duty:

Miley Cyrus’s fans not only want to know her beauty secrets, but they want to know how to make their beauty do double duty too. If you get bored with your look easily, you may want to learn some beauty secrets which help Miley Stewart turn into Hannah Montana. The good news is that you don’t need to don a wig to transform your look. You can get some Miley-inspired double duty style with the following beauty secrets:

Double Your Hair Color:

Miley has brown hair with golden highlights. If you would like to add golden highlights to your natural hair color we recommend getting them professionally done at a salon. However, if you already color your hair at home and want to add highlights yourself, L’Oreal Couleur Experte is the way to go, as this at-home hair color system was rated to be the best by Allure Magazine. This will allow you to have two shades of hair color, like Miley has. The highlights can be thin and natural looking or chunky and chic. The choice is yours.

Double Your Hairstyle:

Miley Cyrus plays two characters on the hit television show, Hannah Montana. As Miley Stewart, Miley is often seen wearing her bangs pulled back with the ends of the hair curled. As Hannah Montana, Miley wears a blonde wig with straight hair and bangs. You too can sport these two different hair styles. To get the Hannah Montana look, cut your bangs straight across so that they fall a little below your eyebrows. Straighten your hair with a ceramic straightening iron. To get the Miley Stewart look, you can pull your bangs back and secure them with a barrette or comb. Then curl the ends of your hair with gel or steam rollers or a medium barrel curling iron. You can also vary your look by parting your bangs on the side, another style that Miley has been seen wearing.

Double Your Fashion Sense:

Miley Cyrus has just turned sixteen and there seems to be no slowing of her rise as a worldwide fashion icon. As far as Miley Cyrus’s style, she has two main looks, current and retro. For her “current look” Miley is often seen wearing slim, skinny jeans with slouchy, neutral colored boots which almost come up to her knees. She is a fan of tunic length tops with details such as scoop necks, puff sleeves or gathered empire waists. She adds color to her ensembles through the use of colorful jewelry such as big colorful bangles and woven bracelets.

Miley's character Hannah Montana, has been sporting a retro 1980’s look, as seen on Madonna in her Lucky Star days. Her "retro look" has been described by as “girly, rocker, thrift shop.” The look includes miniskirts, leggings, leopard prints, fingerless leather gloves and leather jackets. For a fun, casual look, you can pair a rocker T-shirt under a black leather jacket with skinny jeans.

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