Megan Fox Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Megan Fox is a television, music video and movie star known for her beautiful face and hair and amazing figure. Megan has starred on Two and a Half Men, the movie Transformers and in Eminem and Rhianna’s music video, Love the Way You Lie. Megan is happy to share her beauty and “get in shape” tips with you!

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Get-in-Shape- Secrets: To get her into shape for the movie Transformers, Megan’s personal trainer, Craig Ballantyne, recommended “body weight intervals” which helped her to look sleek and powerful without looking bulky. To work her abs Megan used planks . She would then do 15 to 20 minutes of abdominal circuit training. During this session she would lay down and raise her knees over her abs, would then swing her legs while laying on the floor and then would raise her legs using a ball for added resistance. She would put a tough effort into these exercises, then rest for a minute and then repeat these exercises for the same 15 to 20 minute block of time. She would then do 30 minutes of low intensity cycling on a stationary bike. This is not spinning, it is riding at a slower pace. While the body weight intervals released her fat from the her cells, the low intensity bike riding (cardio) converted these fat cells into energy. Her diet plan involved eating lots of fruits and vegetables (as her main carbohydrates), natural proteins (eggs, lean meats and nuts), and a healthy amount of fat (try one ounce of almonds and 2 to 3 egg whites per day). She avoided grains. Of course whole grains are good for us but for this particular weight loss regimen it was best for her to use more fruit and veggies and less grains. Since this regimen is so strict, it is best to consult with your doctor before beginning such a strict diet and exercise plan.

Megan Fox Hair Secrets: Megan Fox is most often seen with center parted hair with a bit of wave to it. If you don’t like the way you look with hair parted directly in the center, one secret of the stars is to shift the part a little bit to the left or right, about one quarter to one half inch, whatever looks better on you. You can get slight waves with large rollers. Try large steam, electric or Velcro rollers. Use a bit of spray gel before you roll, and then blast your hair with your blow dryer’s cool setting while the rollers are still in your hair. After about twenty minutes, use a pick to brush out the waves and then shake your head for a sexy look. If the hair is too wavy, use a vent brush to soften the wave or to neaten the style. On some occasions, Megan gives her hair a retro look by doing a deep side part, and flipping the waves on the opposite side so they cover her face a little bit, just outside her eye. She holds the part and flip in place with hair spray. She tucks the hair on the side with the deep part behind her ear. She also often wears her hair off her face in an up-do with dangling earrings. Megan’s hair is a very dark brown which makes her blue eyes pop. She also has very shiny hair in most photographs. To achieve this effect, take some silicone based spray or gel, spray or dispense it onto your hands, rub them together, and then lightly “rake” your hands through your hair so you don’t flatten your waves.

Megan Fox Makeup Secrets: Megan Fox is known for her high, arched brows, upturned “cat-eyes”, flirty eyelashes and pouty lips. To get Megan’s brows, tweeze yours so that the arch is thinner than the inner most parts of the brow. Emphasize the inner most parts of the brow with a little pencil or a waxy cream eye shadow in the same shade as your natural brows. You might even try to emphasize the height of your arch with a little brow pencil up there but watch out, this takes practice or it looks just plain silly! Add powder on top to set the look. To get more upturned eyes like Megan’s you can either sweep highlighter from the outside corner of your eye up to the ends of your brows and blend, or do the opposite and sweep a darker foundation shade or contouring cream in the same way and blend. See which one works better for you- the highlight or the contour. You can also make your eyes look more upturned by applying a coat of mascara, but then for the second coat, concentrate it on the eyelashes on the end. To get flirty eyelashes, curl them, and apply two coats of a volume pumping mascara, such as Voluminous by L’Oreal or try fake lashes. A brand of fake eyelashes worn by celebrities are those made by Ardell. Just be sure to use dark eye lash glue so that they don’t look silly with obvious white glue, unless of course you like to be silly (more power to It’s best to save fake eyelashes for special occasions as they are not practical for daytime unless you are a twenty-four-seven diva…lol. But even if you are a twenty-four-seven diva, do not go to bed with them on, for you may possibly ruin your beautiful eyes with an infection. Now, how about those pouty lips? You don’t need lip injections! Just use a lip enhancing product that actually works, like City Lips (it actually plumps them up temporarily). It is a fave of celebrities. Other ways to make your lips look fuller are to line them in a lip liner that matches your lip color as much as possible (you’ll need to experiment). Remember that nude shades, or light shades such as pinks make lips look fuller as does a gloss.

Megan Fox Style Secrets: Megan Fox is usually seen in very sexy, figure flattering clothes, or in athletic gear. She also likes to go retro glam every now and then. She is a fan of silver bangles, large dangling earrings, and hoop earrings. She has been seen in leather jackets paired with scarves. She never wears complicated hair and is a hair accessory minimalist. Let’s be honest gals…the girl has cleavage. Don’t have that kind of cleavage but want to work it in low cut dresses and blouses too? No need to go to a plastic surgeon. Just visit Victoria Secret, a shop that specializes in “figure enhancing bras”. P.S. Did you know that some celebrities use surgical tape to hold their cleavage in place? Sounds like an ouch fest to me. Especially ripping it off at night! But hey, we give you all the tips, and let you be the judge on if they are sane or not…lol. Other celebrities use silicone inserts to pad their bras. Hey, I’d rather have the silicone outside then inside my body, where it might cause health problem and require follow-up surgeries and interfere with mammograms. But to each her own. Whatever works for you and makes you happy my dear. As long as you don’t hurt yourself. Personally I think a flat chest looks just as gorgeous in low-cut evening dresses and string bikinis. Variety is the spice of life!! Personally I don't know if Megan's cleavage is natural or not and that is her business not! This website is not a mean-spirited gossip machine, we prefer peace and love. Anyway, go Megan! Rock it girl!

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