Mason Pearson Hair Brush

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Why is the Mason Pearson hair brush a favorite of celebrities?

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

The Mason Pearson hair brush is hands-down, the favorite hair brush of celebrities and celebrity hairstylists alike! Jessica Simpson's hairstylist is a big fan! The philosophy behind this hair brush is that brushing the hair with a great brush will help to improve its condition. This brush will increase the blood flow from the scalp to the roots of your hair. Sebum, which comes from a gland at the base of each strand of hair, is a natural, conditioning oil, which is spread along the entire length of each strand, giving the hair body, strength and shine. These brushes have hand-polished, acrylic resin handles, which are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. It’s the unique rubber-cushion pad, which is made by hand, which allows for effective brushing. The rubber-cushioned pad also massages your scalp while you brush. It is no wonder this brush is loved by celebrities and models alike. Of course, it is available to everyone.

How was it created?

In the mid 1860’s Mason Pearson left his home in Yorkshire, England and went to London to work at the British Steam Brush Works. He eventually became a partner at this small brush making business, which later changed its name to Raper, Pearson and Gill. The brushes were all made by hand until in 1885 when Mason Pearson invented an automatic brush-boring machine which speeds up the brush making process. Winning a Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exhibition in London that year inspired him to invent the “pneumatic” rubber-cushion hairbrush. Though it was still being made mostly by hand, the next 20 years were dedicated to improving this hair brush.

After his death the next generation decided to concentrate on only making the rubber-cushion hairbrushes. Today’s hair brushes are similar to the original hair brushes from the 1880’s, but with improvements that were made in the early 1920’s.

Which Hair Brush is right for me?

Even though there have been improvements over the last 100+ years to Mason Pearson’s original ideas, techniques and patents, the brush is still mostly made by hand to maintain the quality of the brush. No mass production here!

Although there are about 20 different hair brushes to choose from, there are three different bristle types that you will need to choose from, according to your hair type and length. Is your hair long but fine? How about normal and short? Whatever your needs, there is a hair brush for you. The following information has been gathered through out the years from their customers experience and should be used only as a guideline since everyone’s hair and scalp are different. But in general:

Boar Bristles only:

Good for fine to normal hair and long fine hair.

There is a Sensitive model for children 3 to 6 years old.

It comes in Large Extra, Small Extra, Handy Bristle and Pocket Bristle.

Boar Bristle & Nylon:

Good for normal and short thick hair.

It comes in Popular, Junior, Handy Bristle & Nylon and Pocket Bristle & Nylon.

All Nylon:

For very thick hair.

It comes in Universal, Handy Nylon, (Detangler) and Pocket Nylon.

If your hair is long and you are not comfortable using a large hair brush, which is usually required to maintain long hair, you can choose a smaller “mixture bristle” hair brush instead of a larger “pure bristle” one. The brush’s pad is selected by Mason Pearson for the type of hair to be brushed. You should feel the pad gently massage your scalp when you use the brush. Only this hair brush line can give you a gentle scalp massage and condition your hair at the same time.

How do I clean and maintain my Mason Pearson Hair Brush so that it lasts

Dry Cleaning: For best results, use the Cleaning Brush that comes free with all the larger model brushes that Mason Pearson sells. The Cleaning Brush can also be purchased separately. A narrow toothbrush can also be used to clean your new brush. Be sure to clean your brush frequently by removing dead hairs and scales from the pad and bristles of the brush. First, loosen any ‘woven’ strands of hair with a comb. Lift the hair away by inserting the comb at the sides of the brush, as close to the pneumatic pad as possible, and bringing it up. Second, take your Cleaning Brush and run it across the bristles, from one end of the pad to the other and then diagonally. Lightly brush away any dust on the surface of the pad.

Washing Your Brush: The accumulation of grease buildup on the pad will determine how often you will need to wash your Mason Pearson brush. First, dry clean the brush as stated above. Next, make a lather of warm soapy water. Never use detergents, ammonia, shampoo or petroleum-based products to clean your new Mason Pearson brush. Dip the Cleaning Brush only and NOT the hairbrush into the soapsuds and draw it across the bristles, from one end of the pad to the other and then diagonally. Lightly scrub the rubber pad. Never block the hole at the bottom when cleaning or brushing your hair. Next, dip the Cleaning Brush in clean rinsing water and drag it across the hairbrush. Shake the hair brush to remove any remaining moisture and leave your hairbrush to air dry with the handle higher than the pad and the pad facing downwards. Never dry the bristles with a towel.

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