Using Mascara to Get
Long, Thick Lashes

A Celebrity Makeup Secret

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What are the best celebrity mascara secrets when it comes to products and techniques?

Mascara Mixing

applying mascara

Jessica Alba's makeup artist Garret Gervais uses two mascaras to give her long, clump-free lashes. The first is a lengthening and separating type and the second is a thickening kind. Garret uses Blinc Kiss Me mascara (available at, $25.00) for the lengthening and sepating type and Make Up For Ever Volumizing mascara in No.2 (available at, $19.00)

Curl Marathon

Drew Barrymore's makeup artist Bruce Grayson applies one thin coat of mascara, let's it set for a few seconds, and then curls the lash. The thin coat of mascara helps the lashes to hold the curl (kind of like hairspray holds a curling iron curl.

Smudge-free Fringe

Makeup expert Taylor Babaian recommends using waterproof mascara if your lashes are resistance to curl, to prevent these straight lashes from stroking the skin beneath your eyes and leaving smudgy and flaky parting gifts.

Clump-free Color

Mariah Carey's makeup artist Bryan Smoot uses a special watering-down trick when mascara is getting too clumpy. He mists the mascara wand with a water bottle and waits ten seconds before applying product to the wand. This de-clumps the mascara so that it leaves just a bit of color and texture to the lash. (This eye make up tip is not compatible with waterproof mascara).

Clear Choice

Celebrity makeup artist April Greaves uses clear lash mascara instead of a white primer because it is easier to cover. Stroke on the colored mascara before the clear primer dries to avoid clumping.

Hypnotize with Those Eyes

Celebrity makeup artist Eva Scrivo likes to build up multiple thin coats with Lancome Hypnose Mascara (available at, $22.00), letting each coat dry before the next one.

Madonna’s Maroon Magic

Instead of black, Madonna uses maroon mascara. Maroon really brings out the color in blue and green eyes.

Lash Hair Spray

Celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlipp uses the MAC lash curler (800-588-0070) and Prescriptives False Eyelash mascara in plush black (available at, $19.99). The secret is to apply the mascara as soon as possible after curling lashes. The mascara is like hairspray in that it "freezes" the curl, so you should lock the curl while it's curliest.

Cat-Eyed Occasion

The Celebrity Beauty Guide by the editors of Teen People offers a great trick for getting “super sexy” evening eyes. Apply two coats of waterproof mascara to lashes. Then apply two extra coats of the same mascara to the outer corner of the upper lashes. Because the lashes are longer in this area, the result will be a “lifted-corner” “cat-eyed” look as the extra mascara defines the outer corners of your eyes. Another option is to start applying mascara at the outer corners of the eyes working in toward your nose. When outer lashes are more defined you look awake.

Mascara Road Block

Celebrity makeup artist Sara Glick uses Shu Uemura Face Powder in Colorless (available at, $32.00 to mark the territory between mascara and skin, so mascara is less likely to run. Apply the powder right below your lashline.

Mascara 101

What can mascara do for my eyes?

Applying mascara is the ultimate way to open your eyes. You just have to find a formula you like, and then take the time to master the art of putting it on to look natural.


Choosing the right color is not a big deal. Black works for everyone (although for daytime, light-haired gals may want to try lighter shades like soft black, dark brown, medium brown, or gray). The only color no-no is to choose a shade like purple-grape or banana-yellow (they do actually sell these shades). Stick to a dark neutral and you’ll do fine.

As for formulas, there are basically six types:

Curling Mascara: Adds curl and color to lashes, usually with the help of curved, uneven bristles on the wand.

Thickening Mascara: Adds lots of product to lashes to make them thick with the help of spaced-out bristles on the wand.

Lengthening: The bristles on the wand are very close together so they can grip each lash and add product from base to beyond tip of lash, maximizing length.

Lash Tint: Adds color only, no length or thickness.

Clear Mascara: Adds shininess and makes lashes stand out in a very subtle, natural looking manner, since it does not add color, or substantial length or thickness.

Waterproof: Will not run when encountering water or sweat. Harder to remove then regular mascara. Great for the pool, prom, beach, special event, or for a rainy day.


• Eye make up tip - Always curl lashes before beginning.

• Wipe wand with tissue before starting to remove clumps. Do not pump the wand to remove clumps. You are only pumping in more air, which dries the product out quicker.

• When applying, pull your lid up slightly to allow better access to the base of your lashes

• Apply extremely thin coats, letting each one dry before applying another one.

• Invest in an eyelash comb (you can get them for under $2 at some drug stores) to further separate lashes and remove any inevitable clumps.

• If you wish to plump up lashes even further, apply a touch of loose powder to lashes between coats.

• It is best not to apply it mascara to lower eyelashes. To do so may create a mess under the eyes as the day goes on. If you absolutely must wear it here, try a waterproof version.

• To keep wet mascara from smudging after it’s on, close your eyes and blast your eyelashes for a couple of seconds with your blow dryer on the cool setting.

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