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A Celebrity Makeup Secret

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Want to be your own makeup artist? In a hurry? This course will give you a small glimpse into our best makeup secrets in one quickly read page. Have a special date or event coming up? Use these tips to look your best in a flash. What are the best tips for getting that celebrity look?

The Base Face: If you have good skin you can forgo foundation, concealer, and powder all together or just wear powder to stop shine. Celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel recommends applying foundation all over the face with a makeup wedge. This cancels out ruddiness and gives the skin a look of uniformity.

Dewy or Matte: If your skin is in bad shape, wear a foundation and powder. Foundation should always be set with at least a little powder to make it last. (You can apply foundation only to necessary areas.) Most celebrity makeup artists recommend using a loose powder to set foundation. If you must use a pressed powder, it is best reserved for on-the-go touch-ups. Other makeup artists prefer the look of foundation without a powder because it can give the skin that youthful, dewy appearance, if you properly moisturize your face before hand (i.e. very lightly). For the dewy look you would also want to carry oil blotting papers.

Flaw Fix: If you cannot cover a flaw with foundation use a concealer too, or if the concealer matches your skin, just a concealer and powder will do If you can hide the flaw with just foundation and powder, this is better, because foundations come in more colors than concealers and are easier to match.

To Blush or Not to Blush: Blush is optional. You can wear it everyday, only when you feel pale, or not at all.

Best Brow: Everyone should tweeze their eyebrows, even if this means just the stray hairs. Eyebrows frame the eyes and are an important part of your appearance.

This or That: You should decide whether you wish to play up your eyes or your mouth. If you like one feature better, select it, otherwise, go with whatever fits your mood. To play up both looks overdone. Celebrity makeup artists will either design a pouty lip or strongly emphasized eyes.

The Essentials:

Regardless of which feature you choose to play up, everyone should curl their eyelashes (to open eyes), and apply a lip-balm to keep lips from drying out. Some celebrity makeup artists also recommend bending your mascara wand so that the brush top slants. This slant will help you build up the lashes at the outer corners of your eyes for a "cat-eyed" look.

Nice & Natural:

Stick with soft, earthy, neutral tones (variations of brown, beige, gray, black, coral and cinnamon, also look for the word nude). If you must have fun colors which do not fall in the neutral family, use only sheer formulations. Sometimes unnatural colors, like pastels, can be fun if you use just one odd colored item as a centerpiece. Lilac mascara and blue nail polish seems a bit much. Celebrity makeup artists often choose red lips as a centerpiece to an otherwise natural (lightly made-up) face for the red carpet.

Adding Color and Detail

Foundation, concealer, and powder will create the smooth, flawless, (or close to flawless) canvas that you need. You can then decide how much color and detail you wish to add to your features. To keep your face looking naturally pretty, instead of overdone, decide whether or not to play up your eyes or your lips. To accentuate both will look gaudy. You don’t need to play up either one, if you don’t want to. For the most natural look possible (without going bare-faced), you can simply define your brows, curl your lashes, and apply gloss to your lips. These simple touches will make a dramatic difference in your appearance. But of course, experimentation brings about your greatest look.

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