Make Your Hair Shine

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What are the latest innovative products that will make your hair shine?

Jessica Alba's celebrity hairstylist Kyle White loves a new product from Oscar Blandi called Luce Sheer Gloss. "It contains light-reflecting polymers that last longer than silicone products", he has said. ($24.00 at

Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine is a new line said to give your hair twice the shine. According to Pantene it has suberb moisturizing and cuticle-smoothing actions which make hair gleam. The reviews on beauty websites from people who have actually used the product seemed pretty positive, although some say it takes at least 7 days before you see full results. This line consists of shampoo, conidtioner, a serum and several styling products.

The Natural Instincts hair color line by Clairol has also just come out with a new product called Shine Happy that will make your hair shine. This is a clear shine treatment that coats your hair with a shine ingredient that lasts for up to 4 weeks. This shine product can be used on color-treated, highlighted or natural non color-treated hair. You apply the product like a shampoo and then rinse it out after ten minutes. It comes with a weekly deep conditioning treatment that helps keep the shine ingredient sealed onto the hair. The product also helps to give the hair a silky feel. The Clairol Color Experts recommend using this product three weeks after your hair is colored or once a month on natural hair. This product is available at drug stores nationwide.

The Nice and Easy hair color line by Clairol also has a new product called Color Boosting Glaze that will make your hair shine. This product can refresh color and add shine between hair color treatments. This product gives hair a “boost of color and shine”, in as little as five minutes. It last for up to six shampoos. You simply apply it to damp hair, wait five minutes and rinse. You use it when your hair color first shows signs of fading. You can use it either with store bought hair color or with salon color, and with any brand or shade! It contains aloe, jojoba oil and Vitamin E and contains no ammonia or peroxide so its gentle on your hair.. It presents a great alternative to coloring hair frequently. And it makes hair oh, so shiny!

The John Frieda hair care line has also come out with a new shine product that will make your hair shine. It is called Luminous Color Glaze. It is a “color glosser” and “shine booster” in one. You choose from the blonde, red, or brunette shades available and apply the product after shampooing and conditioning, distributing it evenly from roots to tips. (Be sure to wash your hands well after use as this product contains a small amount of hair color). Leave the product on your hair for three minutes and then rinse well (we recommend to rinse for at least two to three minutes). This product adds a touch of color, shine and silkiness and can be used to perk up color-treated hair (between colorings), highlighted hair and even natural non color-treated hair.

Glosses and glazes galore have hit the shelves, but these aren't the only new shine technologies. Other new products use mica (the same flecks that reflect light in shimmery makeup products). Try Dove Advanced Color Care Leave-In Luminizing Mist ($6.00 at, or if you're a blonde, Pantene Pro-V Blonde Expressions Shimmer Lock Gel ($6.49 at Walmart).

What is the "very best" way to make your hair shine?

Many salons offer a process known as a cellophane treatment. A cellophane treatment consists of covering the hair with a long-term shine product. The product is left on the hair usually for less than half an hour and then rinsed out. Your hair will have incredible shine and silkiness for four to six weeks. Cellophane treatments are usually less than 50.00 and are a great choice to make damaged hair look silky.

What other ways are there to make your hair shine?

For your hair to appear shiny you must keep it as clean as possible. While you should aim to wash it every other day, keep it clean by being sure that you are not committing any of the “hair sins” listed in the Best Tips for Shampooing and Conditioning Hair article. Also when rinsing out your hair after conditioning, make your last rinse a cold one, to seal up the cuticle so that light can reflect from your hair and make hair look shiny. At the end of your blow-drying session, be sure to point the nozzle down the hair shaft, so that the cuticle lies flat, and use thecool setting to further seal the cuticle which will further help hair reflect light.

If you really want to add shine, consider purchasing a shampoo with silk in it (Biolage, found in salons). Microstrips of silk fibers make the hair shiny, by acting like hundreds of tiny reflecting particles that act like mirrors and catch light. You may also choose to use a shine gloss or spray. Use the spray if your hair is fine, and the gloss otherwise. Try Citre Shine sprays or glosses.

If your hair is frizzy, the way to make it look healthier is to keep it moisturized and shiny. You need an extra strength hair gloss, so look for hair serums, which are designed for your hair type. (Try Frizz Ease Hair Serum by John Freida).

Now you know how to really make your hair shine!

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