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Or, how did she make the boys always want to come up and see her?

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Mae West Beauty Secrets are sought after to this day. Why? Because she was the first bawdy female sex symbol. She was famous for her sexy double entendres and for her shiny blonde hair, curvaceous figure and smooth, wrinkle free skin. Many people are intrigued by Mae West’s beauty regimen because she managed to stay younger looking than her peers for decades and decades. She did not start her movie career until age 38, which was a very “advanced” age to be cast as a sex symbol back then. And she was still popular and acting in movies in her 80s. So what was her secret? To be fair, according to Mae, what makes someone a bankable actress is not her appearance but her personality. Her charisma and wit is what gave Mae a unique sex appeal. But Mae West beauty secrets are some of the best of all time! They really get you thinking not just about your looks but about your health. Read on and see...

Mae West claims she never smoked:

Smoking is very bad for not only your health but for your appearance. Did you know that there is actually a medical term called “smoker’s face”? When you smoke you age six to ten years faster than your friends. A smoker’s face includes deep lines around your eyes and mouth, and many more wrinkles than your non-smoking friends will have. Wrinkles may be deep or shallow and can even form in criss-cross shapes. It also is a gaunt looking face which makes the underlying boniness of your face more prominent, but not in a slenderizing way, in an aged way. It also changes the color of your skin, giving it a grayish, yellowish or reddish cast. It causes the production of collagen to slow down and so your skin looks puffy and saggy. Collagen is associated with youthful, clear looking skin.

If a rapidly aging face isn’t enough to scare you away from this dangerous habit, here are some more “appearance side effects” of smoking….Smoking turns your fingernails yellow. It also turns your teeth yellow and is even associated with gum disease and can cause you to lose your teeth. It causes foul smelling breath because of the residues it leaves in your mouth. It causes your hair and clothing to smell unattractive to others (although you may not notice the smell because you are so used to it). Smoking also promotes hair loss. When you quit smoking you’ll notice your skin become smoother and more radiant.

Finally, we need to bust a smoking myth here. Many people believe that smokers weigh less than non-smokers so they hang onto the habit. While that may be true in some cases, it is not true in all. It depends on your eating habits and exercise. What smoking actually does is change your body’s hormonal chemistry so that you are more likely to store fat in your abdomen. So if you are looking for an hour glass figure like Mae West had, forget it. Smoking promotes an “apple-shaped” body. So stop smoking or don't start. This is a Mae West beauty secret that could save your life!

Mae West also claimed that she never drank:

Very few people ever read about the effect that alcohol has on the appearance. For one, it causes “exhausted looking eyes”. This is because alcohol interferes with the quality of sleep you get. Alcohol can cause you to gain weight. Just one small glass of wine has 2 Weight Watcher points, or about 100 calories. But what about mixed drinks? They are loaded with sugars and liqueurs, and can be as caloric as candy bars. And of course we’ve all heard of the beer belly. Like smoking, alcohol can leave your skin dry with a grayish cast. Alcohol can also prematurely age the skin by robbing it of the flow of vital nutrients. Alcohol has been linked to rosacea, or a reddening of the facial skin in general. It can also cause blemishes, especially when you forget to remove your makeup before sleeping. And like cigarettes, alcohol can also cause bloating and puffiness of the skin. So stop drinking or cut down to light social drinking or holiday-only drinking. Another Mae West beauty secret that can save your life.

And now, drum roll… The most infamous Mae West beauty secret:

Mae West had weekly colonics. Many Hollywood actresses, from Gloria Swanson to Kim Bassinger have attributed their beautiful, age-defying skin to regular colonics. When you are constipated or your colon is unclean or “toxic” if you will, your body will try to get rid of these waste materials through the skin. This is where the complexion problems originate. Back in the day, doctors thought that a weekly colonic was too frequent. When a reporter confronted Mae West with this skepticism she was quoted as saying, “Sure. If you never get sick how are they going to earn any money?” What a feisty dame! Gotta love Mae West!

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