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What link does Loreal Hair Color have to Celebrities?

With the long line of celebrity endorsements,


it’s no wonder L'Oreal hair color leads the way in the industry. With this hair color, it’s easy for you to have the same gorgeous hair color as your favorite star! From long time user and endorser of L'Oreal hair color, Andie Mcdowell, to today’s spokesperson, Beyonce, L'Oreal Hair Color has earned trust from all over the celebrity spectrum! Even Heather Locklear spills the beans when it comes to telling you her exact hair color. L'Oreal has so many wonderful, fade-resistant shades that it’s easy to experiment and find your perfect "celebrity shade". Nothing gets more notice than a head full of beautiful shiny hair in the shade that suits your facial coloring.

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Heather Locklear

What colors are the spokeswomen of L’Oreal Hair Color wearing on the commercial?

Heather Locklear’s glorious blonde locks owe their claim to fame to Superior Preference color #9 ½ BB. The name is Extra Light Beige Blonde.

Andie Mcdowell chooses Excellence Crème hair color line. Her color of choice is Light Reddish Brown #6RB. See picture below.

Beyonce (when she’s a blonde) uses Feria Cool Blonde #81.

Milla Jojovich has chosen Feria’s Chocolate Cherry #36. See picture below.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz chooses Natural Match #5W which brightens her own natural color.

What product in the Loreal Hair Color line is a "Best Hair Color Product"?

l'oreal color experte

CBSG chooses Loreal's Color Experte as a "best hair color" product because it gives your hair multi-tonal dimension, just like natural hair has. This hair color product is also a two-step process which is relatively painless. This way you can get a salon look at home. This hair color product has also won an award in Allure’s Best of Beauty issue. Actress Eva Longoria is the new spokeswoman for Color Experte.

Which formula of Loreal hair color is right for me?

They makes several different formulas of hair color.

These hair color formulas are permanent-hair color products:

Color Experte: This Best Loreal hair color product is a two-step process which gives your hair the many high-lights intended by nature.

Loreal's Excellence: This hair color product is Loreal’s original hair color crème which does not drip because of its thick crème formula. The patented Pre-color Protective Treatment and full coverage comb deliver such excellent coverage that 100% of any gray will be gone.

Milla Jojovich

Feria: “Multi-faceted color with three times the highlights”, is the slogan for this hair color formula which is designed to shimmer in the sun. These Loreal hair colors are generally bolder than the others in the line. A great choice for Milla Jojovich.

Preference: Superior Preference is called the “gold standard” in Loreal’s hair color line. Because Superior Preference is a thick rich gel, application is easy and a lot less messy than most hair colors. The long lasting color includes elements which are supposed to keep hair from turning dull and brassy, and ingredients to prevent it from fading or drying out. This hair color product also gives hair a silky texture and glossy shine. If you have medium blonde to light brown hair and are trying to get to light blonde, try the Preference Les Blondisimes hair color line.

Natural Match: Natural Match is great for the gal who wants to enhance and brighten her own natural hair color. Natural Match has no ammonia and comes in 24 shades. Its unique color selection guide is organized by levels and tones:

• Cooler — Minimizes Brassiness

• Natural — Enhances Natural Highlights

• Warmer — Adds Soft Gold Tones

• Red — Adds Sheer Red Tones

Natural Match conditions your hair with green tea and aloe, leaving it glossy and polished, which makes your hair shimmer like the sun is shining on it all the time.

They also have a semi-permanent hair color called ColorSpa Moisture Actif. This hair color product would be best for commitment phobes because semi-permanent colors should wash out in a few weeks.

How do I pick a color from their hair color line?

Andie Mcdowell

It may not be easy to pick just the right color from their fabulous line of over 40 colors. They suggests that when picking a hair color you stick to the “warm and cool” rules of color. If you have “cool skin"(which is light colored skin with blue or green eyes) choose a hair color that has the word Beige, Ash or Champagne in the name. You should also select colors with these words in the name if your hair tends to turn gold or brassy when you color it. “Warm skin" (which are skin tones with olive, golden or brown in them with dark eyes) should use L’Oreal hair colors that have the words Red, Gold or Auburn in the names. You should also select colors with these words in the name if your hair tends to turn too ashy when you color it (has a grayish or greenish cast). There is also the general rule which states that when using hair color, your ideal shades are one level lighter or one level darker than your own natural hair color, or just stick with your own natural color if you are looking for gray coverage, or just want more shine and luster. If none of this information suits your needs feel free to choose any of the Loreal hair colors that you feel suits your fancy.

What’s new from L’Oreal hair color?

loreal toner refiner

If your hair color or highlights suffer from dull or brassy tones you might want to try L’Oreal’s new Tone Refiner, This hair color product will give your hair an extra boost of shine and will subtly tone down the brassiness. L’Oreal Tone Refiner comes in two formulas: Blonde and Brunette. This Tone Refiner works on natural hair, as well.

How do I keep my hair color looking its best for as long as possible?

In order to keep your hair color looking as bright and shiny as it did on the first day, it is recommended that you use a cream- based shampoo and conditioner especially created for color-treated hair. There are many on the market including several made by L'Oreal. Also avoid swimming without a swim cap as salty water and chlorine will fade your color, as will the sun. Refrain from over-washing and blow-drying in order to keep your color as radiant as long as possible.

Do’s and Don’ts when using hair color:

Do wait 24 hours before you recolor your hair if you don’t like the LOreal hair color that you chose and check your scalp to be sure it’s not irritated.

Do wait 14 days before you perm your new hair color treated hair.

Don’t save any unused hair color mixture for next time. You’ll be sorry, as the container will burst open and leave you with a disaster.

If you have any questions or concerns about L'Oreal Hair Color products please contact them at 1 800 631 7358 where you can talk to their hair color experts.

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