Look Beautiful In All
Your Pictures

A Celebrity Makeup Secret

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Follow these handy guidelines and you will look beautiful in all your pictures:


• You will look your best in pictures if you contour your face. See How Celebrities Sculpt Facial Features without a Scalpel.

• Did you know that older celebrities are often photographed while lying down? This is because wrinkles are less evident and the skin appears taut when the head is tilted back. Consider some creative photography to look beautiful in all your pictures.

• Wear a shiny lip gloss in pictures for fuller looking lips.

Practice your expression or smile in front of the mirror first, to be sure you will look good in your picture.

• If you are going to change your hair, do it a week before pictures are taken so you can get it into shape if you are not happy with the results. • If the pictures will be in black and white, do not wear dark makeup shades. You will look like a glamorous zombie.

• If you want your hair to stand out, wear a shirt that is the opposite color. Do not wear a black shirt if your hair is black.

• Be sure shine doesn’t ruin your face in pictures by being sure your face is powdered before the camera clicks.

Do not look directly at the camera, but slightly to the side of it, or the flash will make your eyes look red.

• If your nose tends to look large in pictures, tilt your head back slightly. It will appear smaller and shorter. If it tends to look too wide, you can contour it!

Take a Last Look to look beautiful in all your pictures

When you finish making up your face, be sure to check it, before going out to strike a pose for your picture. Here is a handy check list:

• Be sure to remove any mascara flecks or excess powder.

• Hold hair away from face and check from hair line to jaw line, being sure the entire face is well blended.

• If you decide that your blush or eye makeup is too bright after a second look, simply add more powder, to those areas. (Be sure to brush away excess.)

• If you decide that your lipstick is overdone, simply blot with a tissue. Or use the tissue to remove it altogether.

Now you know how to look BEAUTIFUL in all your pictures!

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