Beyonce's Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Logan

An interview with Lisa Logan
Celebrity Manicurist and Personal Nail Technician for
Beyoncé Knowles

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How did you first meet Beyoncé?

Lisa: I met Beyoncé through Jay-Z. He recommended that she use me as her manicurist.

How did Beyoncé first find out about Minx nails?

Lisa: Beyoncé first heard about Minx from Tom Bachik, who is a well-known celebrity manicurist in California. The founders of Minx had given Tom some Minx nails to sample before they went to market, and Beyoncé wore them for the American Music Awards. She was the first celebrity to wear Minx.

How did you first find out about Minx nails? Beyonce Knowles and Minx Nails

Lisa: I heard about Minx from Kimberly Kimble, who is Beyoncé’s hairstylist.

Beyoncé has worn Minx many, many times. Why do you think she wears it so often?

Lisa: She LOVES them, and that is why she always wears them. She requests them all the time.

Photos by Lisa Logan

What does Beyoncé look for when choosing her Minx styles? Beyonce Knowles in Mixn Nails at AMA Lisa: When we are doing a shoot for a magazine, the Minx style usually has to work with whatever she is going to wear, so she often ends up with either the Golden Lightning or Silver Lightning. But, when it is for her everyday wear she is very daring, and she picks whatever pattern or design catches her eye.

Does Beyoncé ever match an outfit to Minx, or request customized Minx for a particular outfit?

Lisa: Yes, she has a few customized Minx styles. I have created customized Obama styles for her, a “Mrs. Carter” graphic, and Jay-Z Minx for her, along with a couple of other patterns we wanted for videos.

As a celebrity manicurist, why do you like working with Minx? Beyonce Knowles Pink Minx Nails

Lisa: Well for me it's very fun, and I love to use Minx. I love the reaction I get after Minxing someone for the first time!

Has Beyoncé started a nail trend among other celebrities?

Lisa: She certainly has! Beyoncé is a total trend setter. She was that boost that Minx needed. She loves Minx, and as a result, all her fans all over the world are loving Minx too!

Lisa Logan Celebrity Manicurist

Contact Information:

Lisa Logan
Celebrity Manicurist

Beyoncé and Minx:

Beyoncé has worn Minx on the cover of many magazines, including Seventeen Magazine, Gotham, German GQ, V Magazine, Giant Magazine, Ebony, ELLE, and LA Confidential.

Beyoncé's also worn Minx at countless other events, including the American Music Awards, Fashion Rocks, the Grammys, and "Cadillac Records" premieres.

• She has worn Minx for appearances on BET Television, Oprah and TRL.

Beyonce Knowles Hand with Minx Nails • She has worn Golden Lightning on her "Single Ladies" music video.

• She wore customized Obama nails when she sang to Barack and Michelle Obama at the inauguration,

• She is currently wearing Minx on her world tour.

Thank you Lisa for this great information and pictures!

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