How to Get Lady Gaga Hair, Makeup and Style

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a pop sensation with a unique sense of beauty and style. To narrow down Gaga’s style into one article does not make any sense as Gaga does what Gaga does. You never know what she’ll come out with next. There appears to be no end to the amount of retro influence that she draws upon but she shakes it up in the Gaga blender and makes it her own modern, futuristic, space-age, yet innovative style. Inspired by the glam rocking, performance artist David Bowie and the stadium-rousing Freddy Mercury, flamboyant front man of the band Queen, Gaga is known to rock the bleep out of pop music and this we cannot deny. She also cites Donatella Versace and drag queens among her style influences.

Lady Gaga’s Hair: Gaga is a natural brunette with bleached blond, almost white hair. When she first appeared on the public scene she was wearing long blond, straight, waist-length hair with bangs. Now her hair is bobbed and styled into an almost triangular, futuristic shape. She also wears wigs of every color and length. If you want to get Gaga’s bleached blond hair you should definitely go to a salon as bleaching your hair from home often results in bright yellow hair that is severely damaged and brittle. When I wanted a Gaga twist on my medium blond hair I just died it light blond that month to give myself a very blond look without going all the way. Bangs should be cut straight across. Then iron hair straight with a ceramic flat iron. It’s best to try to style the bangs with a blow dryer and brush because sometimes ironing them detracts from the look. Or just buy a wig and have a Gaga theme night. (Who says Halloween is only once a year?)

Lady Gaga’s Makeup: Gaga’s makeup is anything and everything. Overall the look is very futuristic, and drag queen-inspired. In other words, the more, the crazier the better… She has fun with makeup, for her it’s an artistic outlet. Below is what in my opinion, the highest quality Gaga makeup tutorial on the internet. It was created by makeup artist and model Michelle Phan. Be sure to visit Michelle's channel on for more quality makeup tutorials.

Lady Gaga’s Style: The Haus (House) of Gaga, her stylist entourage, assists her in choosing and creating her creative outfits. Gaga is not a big fan of pants, preferring leotards. She describes her fashion sense as a “rejection” of gender roles for women. Gaga is daring, not just in the usual baring skin way but also in creating outfits that were basically inconceivable before she appeared on the scene. If anyone is going to make 5 yards of bubble wrap look chic or just plain crazy it’s the Haus of Gaga! She walks the line between chic and absolutely crazy. I admire her non-conformity and style bravery. So how do you put a little Gaga into your style? Think outside the everyday outfit.

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