Julianne Hough Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Julianne Hough is a two time dance champion on Dancing With the Stars, a country music singer and an actress. This triple threat (a word used in Hollywood to describe dancer/singer/actresses) is happy to share her celebrity beauty tips with you.

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough Hair Secrets: Julianne has admitted that she wears extensions quite frequently. I guess they must be weaved in pretty tight with all that dancing that she does and never a fall out…lol. She uses 6 inch clip in extensions (I’m assuming when she’s not dancing, but haven’t tried them out myself so not sure how much thrashing of the head they can handle). She is a fan of Aveda products, specifically Big Sexy Hair Spray (the name sounds so 1980s…doesn’t it, ha ha) and Play Volumizing Hairspray.

Julianne Hough Skin Secrets: Julianne says she has very dry skin, which she suspects is from frequent traveling. Climate changes can take a toll on your skin, so moisturizing is a must! To fight dryness she is sure to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. She likes Caress Whipped Soufle Body Wash in Blackberry Cream to keep her body moisturized. Despite the dry skin, she still suffers from breakouts every now and then. While on Dancing With the Stars she broke out because of all the makeup that the dancers wear. She said that Proactiv cleared her complexion. She uses the Refining Mask whenever she feels a blemish coming on.

Julianne Hough Makeup Secrets: Julianne loves Armani Silk Luminous Foundation and says it makes her skin look smooth and flawless. Her favorite mascara in the whole world is L’Oreal Voluminous (I have to agree with her on that, one of my faves too. When I curl my lashes and apply two coats I am frequently asked if I’m wearing fake lashes). Julianne is not opposed to wearing fake lashes and wore them for the movie Burlesque. If you want to get daring and wear fake lashes, Julianne recommends the ones by Ardell. She also is a fan of highlighter. She applies it in the corners of her eyes by her nose to lighten up that dark area, and on her cheekbones and brow bones. Her fave is the one by Kevin Aucoin. Did you know that you can use highlighter to give your eyes a more up turned look like Julianne’s? All you have to do is apply it from the outer corner of your eyes to the outer edge of your eyebrow. This will visually lift your eyes. Just make sure to rub highlighter in so people don’t ask why you have lines on your face…lol. She is a big fan of the smokey eye look because it highlights her blue eyes. She also likes nude lips and bronzed cheeks.

Julianne Hough Style Secrets: Julianne has to wear lots of short shorts and miniskirts because of all the dancing she does. She keeps her legs looking smooth and silky by using the Venus Embrace Razor and Satin Care Lavender Kiss Shave Gel. If you are a big fan of miniskirts and short shorts you can make yours look extra silky smooth with a little baby oil. Here’s an interesting secret, Julianne shaves her arms too! If you decide to shave your arms, just be sure to do it daily or somebody will inevitably graze your stubble with their hand and ask, “Why do you shave your arms?” A lot of gals with excessive arm hair shave their arms! Just answer, “I like to march to the beat of my own drummer”, if they ask. Ha ha. Some people are so nosy! As far as clothes Julianne likes to shop online at Intermix.com or PlanetBlue.com. Her favorite mall store? Forever 21 where you can get cute club clothes on the cheap. Just keep in mind that because they are so cheap they are delicate and usually need to be hand washed or dry-cleaned. Wow, a thrifty celebrity! How refreshing!

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