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What are Jessica Simpsons hair secrets for great hair?

Jessica Simpson

Whether you think Jessica Simpson is just another dumb blond or just someone who plays one on TV, we all have to agree that her hair is gorgeous! Unlike most of us, she has one of the world’s best hairstylists ready to give her any hairdo she desires. You've seen her hair in a variety of styles and colors. It is her hairstylist, Ken Paves, whose job it is to keep her hair thick, shiny and healthy, despite all the changes the hair is put through.

Whether she’s wearing her hair at an above-the-shoulders length, bringing back the Marilyn Monroe look, (as seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, September 2006), or long and tousled like the sex kittens of earlier days, Ken Paves is responsible for all those great hair styles.

Check out these Jessica Simpsons Hair Secrets and Styles

Jessica's Clip-in Hair Extensions

Jessicas loves her hairstylist so much (it is reported that he is her best friend) that they have gone into business together. They have created some great clip-in hair extensions which they call “HairDo”. These are available in the following lengths/styles:

10" HairDo 1pc Clip-In Synthetic Straight Hair Extensions $85.00
15" HairDo 1pc Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions $85.00
22" HairDo 1pc Clip-In Synthetic Straight Hair Extensions $95.00
23" HairDo 1pc Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions $95.00
21" HairDo 1pc Clip-In Human Hair Extensions $500.00

You can check HairDo hair extensions out at and at

In a recent interview for Glamour Magazine Ken revealed some of Jessica Simpsons Hair Secrets he uses which include some of his best hair tips and techniques:

Some quick tips from Ken:

1. Large buttons that look like antique brooches can be worn in any upswept hairdo, simply by slipping a bobby pin into the back of them.

2. Use very small bungee cords to keep ponytails together. These are available for purchase at The advantage of bungee cords is that they can wrap around the ponytail more than once and hook and unhook for easy removal. You can then create a great updo without fear. These small cords will keep your hair tight and smooth.

3.When her roots are showing (and they shouldn’t be) Ken applies eye shadow to them with a small makeup sponge. He says to pick a color that most matches your own hair and apply. If you’re a blond pick an eye shadow with shimmer

Here are some of Jessica Simpsons Hair Secret items that Ken keeps on hand to keep her hair looking it’s best:

Mason Pearson Hair Brush:

Ken uses the "junior mixed bristle" one on Jessica. He says it is guaranteed to smooth hair. Read more about this brush at our store Celebrity Favorite Shoppe.

Pyytovolume Actif Hair Spray:

This is One of the best of Jessica Simpsons Hair Secrets. This is the spray Ken uses to give Jessica that sexy tousled look. PhytoVolume Actif pumps up your hair's volume with this gravity-defying root-booster. By coating the hair with protein, you increase its diameter. This adds extra, gorgeous body at the root. This holds your style all day long. Phytovolume Actif is a maximizing volume spray for fine and limp hair. Keratin amino acids add body and give roots a lift. Click here for Phyto PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF volumizer spray available at Amazon.

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Mask, Thick:

This is an intense enriching treatment for very dry and thick hair. It makes her hair feel silky and soft with radiant shine. Available at

How to create Jessica's long hair style:

Brigitte Bardot The best of Jessica Simpsons Hair Secrets:

Jessica’s long, messy, tousled look is reminiscent of one of the sex symbols of the 50’s and 60’s- Brigitte Bardot - (check out Brigitte's tousled look, right). This look is created by shampooing and conditioning her hair the night before. This helps because the hair has time to dry completely and the natural oils are returned to the scalp which gives you better control of your hair. While still damp, mouse is applied to the hair. The next morning Ken will apply a shine serum to the ends only. He then curls her hair in two inch sections (check out our article Best Ways to Curl Your Hair, where we tell you how to curl even the most difficult hair). Ken uses hairspray to help keep her curls bouncy. In order to give the top of her head some height, Ken has her flip her hair over. He then adds some hairspray at this point to add volume. He then has her flip her hair back. He teases just the hair on the crown of her head. This creates height. He adds a little more spray, then smooths the hair on top by lightly brushing this area. He uses his fingers to fluff up the curls- and voila'- her hair is camera ready!

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