How To Blow Dry Your Hair

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How to blow dry your hair to get big shine and cause little damage.

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Blow-drying the hair can be very damaging if done improperly. To avoid damage, follow these six simple rules.

  • Never hold the dryer closer than 8 inches from the scalp.

  • Never hold the dryer in one spot. Keep it moving all around the head and over and under hair shafts.

  • Don’t blow-dry hair when it is sopping wet. Let a towel absorb most of the water first. Do not rub hair with the towel, this will damage it. Simply pat the hair gently or keep the towel on your head for a while in a turban-style. (The Body Shop makes a towel designed to absorb water faster than regular towels. It is called Hair Towel).

  • All who blow-dry should use a conditioner with protein in it.

  • Dry the hair in the back and underneath first to give it lift.

  • Turn the dryer to the cool setting towards the end of drying session to prevent hair from “wilting”.

    For smoother, shinier hair, blow-dry with the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft.

    Anyone with permed or damaged hair should blow-dry with a diffuser or let hair dry naturally.

    Use a thermal protective spray product to protect hair from damage.

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