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Got a beauty crisis? Then check out our "Help Me!" page.

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Sometimes beauty problems just kind of come out of nowhere. Because mirrors are all around us, these types of problems can be traumatizing and can damage our self-esteem. Here at Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine we try to find the solutions to your most embarrassing and troublesome beauty problems or beauty questions you just can't find the answers to anywhere else. Each month we will add more beauty crisis solutions to this page. We always make it our duty to find the most cutting-edge beauty solutions. You can even make a suggestion as to what type of beauty crisis you would like to see featured here. While we can't get around to addressing all of the suggestions we will certainly try. So check back here frequently!

Facial Hair Removal Advice Needed!

Do you have facial hair and are puzzled by how to remove it? Do you also have ingrown hairs which result in bumps and discoloration on your face? Here you will find a ton of advice on prevention, medications and hair removal solutions!

My Eyelashes Are Falling Out!

Have your eyelashes seen better days? Are they brittle and breaking off? What can you do about this traumatic beauty problem besides cry? We've got the answers right here!

My Eyebrows Are Almost Non-Existant!

Have your eyebrows disappeared into thin air? Were you a victim of the over-plucking era? Did you go to one too many Ziggy Stardust conventions? What does a person do when their eyebrows go away? Find out right here!

I MUST Have Shiny Legs!

Have you seen celebrities like Jessica Simpson with super-shiny, glossy legs and wonder how they do it? Are your body shimmer lotions just not cutting it? Here we reveal secrets used by celebrity makeup artists and swimsuit models to get glossy legs!

Is Highlighting and Contouring Okay for Daytime?

Celebrities, super models, even news anchors all sport highlighted and contoured faces. This is because they are photographed in special types of lighting that makes it look natural, like shadows and light, instead of harsh lines. But what if you are a normal person, without a lighting crew to travel with, who likes the refined look that highlighting and contouring gives your facial features? Is highlighting and contouring okay for daytime?

Are There Face Slimming Tricks for My Full Face?

Does your face always seem wide or full no matter how much weight you lose? This is probably your natural face shape. Here you will learn how to make a full face appear slimmer with makeup and hairstyle tricks. You will also learn what celebrities with full or round faces do to look great!

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