Hairmax Laser Comb

Or, what can I do about thinning hair besides cry?

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Hairmax Lasercomb

With the Hairmax Laser Comb, men and women alike, celebrity or not, can find help for thinning hair. It can take your hair to its fullest, thickest, healthiest condition ever. This Hairmax LaserComb claims that 90% of its users see results in 3 to 5 months. Users of the Hairmax LaserComb report that by using it for 10 to 15 minutes a day, three times a week, their hair has more bounce, is more manageable and is thicker than it's ever been. Users of the comb also claim that hair shedding seems to slow down. But like Rogaine, if you stop using the Hairmax Laser Comb, your condition will regress.

The Lexington International LLC, manufacturers of the Hairmax LaserComb has just won clearance from the FDA, which gives them the rights to promote the Hairmax LaserComb as having the ability to grow hair in men. They previously only had clearance to say that the Hairmax LaserComb thickens existing thinning hair, which helps cover bald spots. The company is still waiting approval from the FDA to say it helps woman regrow hair, but the clinical studies they have done make it look excellent for this clearance as well.

The FDA has only approved 2 other products for hair regrowth, but the Hairmax LaserComb is the only drug free one.

What is the Hairmax LaserComb? This product, after much research, was developed by Lexington International, LLC. It uses the principle of Photo-therapy (light therapy) that has been used in medicine dating back as far as 1550 BC. Dr Feisen was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1903 for his work with “PhotoTherapy”.

It was this work that brought about the advancements used in today’s laser treatments. Because of the size of the PhotoTherapy device only hair clinics were able to use this treatment to help their clients with their hair problems. In 2000, Lexington International patented the hand-held Hairmax Laser Comb, and proudly manufactures it in America. Now anyone can improve their hair in the privacy of their own home.

Are there side effects ssociated with this Laser Comb?

There are no reported bad side effects with the Hairmax LaserComb . Only good things happen to your hair. While using light as energy, your hair harnesses this power and puts it to good use. Men and women from 18 to 80 have been impressed with the results. Before finally coming into it’s own in the USA, low level laser therapy (also know as light therapy) had been studied all over the world with no adverse side effects. The Hairmax LaserComb treatments are non-invasive and non-toxic.

How long before you see results with the Hairmax Laser Comb?

Of course results will vary for everyone, but the company shows results as follows: “In general, there are three categories of user experience with the Hairmax Laser Comb: 45% of users will see positive results after 8 weeks of treatment. Another 45% will see benefits from weeks 10-16. The last 10% of users will begin to see subtle improvements (if any) after 16 weeks.”

How much does the Hairmax Laser Comb cost?

The HairMax LaserComb cost $545.00 (a price reduction of $100. since our first article) and is available at the Hairmax website If the cost of $545.00 is too much all at once, you take advantage of their payment plan. The down payment is $245 and four monthly installments of $112.50. There is a 12 week return policy (minus 15% restocking fee) with an 8 week extension if you call them between weeks 10 and 12. There is a 10 year life expectance for the device under normal conditions.

What does the news media think of the Hairmax Laser Comb?

From being named Time Magazine's Invention of the Year in 2000, to being praised on several episodes of Dateline NBC, the HairMax LaserComb has received accolades from many. There have been countless articles written about the HairMax LaserComb and its benefits!

From newspapers like The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune to magazines like Good Housekeeping, Elle, GQ, Essence, and Medical News Today, the HairMax LaserComb is receiving glowing reports!

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