How to Grow Long Nails

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How do I grow long nails?

Many desire the chic look of long, elegant nails. When they find that their nails keep splitting and peeling, their strong desire lures them to the salon, or worse yet, the drugstore in search of “perfect nails”. When the artificial nails are removed, they find that their natural nails are worse than before Indeed, artificial nails and other such services can weaken, strip, and infect your natural nails or nail bed (the skin underneath the nail), which may make them appear to not grow for quite awhile. If you want to grow long nails and keeping them healthy, forgo fakes! A great tip if you want your nails to grow long is to drum them lightly on a flat surface. This revs up the circulation, thus stimulating growth. Another great tip if you want your nails to grow longis to eat a well-balanced diet that is high in calcium. Be sure to use low fat dairy products if you also want to stay trim.

Beautiful, strong nails that grow long are hereditary. However, with proper care, genetically soft and spitting nails that do not seem to grow can be strengthened. When the nail is strengthened (also called “hardened”), the nail resists peeling and breakage, and thus, can enable you to grow long nails. The trick is to select the right products to use and to stay away from potentially damaging ones. Contrary to popular belief, the nails should not only be hardened, but moisturized as well. This is so they will remain flexible. This is the main reason why many nail-growth programs fail. The individual will only harden the nails. The idea is to achieve a balance. If the nail is too hard, when slammed accidentally onto a hard surface, it will snap because it lacks flexibility. It will also not look its best because it will be too dry. Conversely, if the nail is too soft, it may rip very easily because it lacks resistance. The moral is that if you want to grow long nails, you should incorporate both nail strengtheners (hardeners) and nails moisturizers (conditioners) into your nail-care regimen to encourage optimum growth.

Nail Strengtheners

The first thing you need to know about nail strengtheners is that some of the companies that make them will make extraordinary claims. They will suggest that their product can help you grow long nails. The truth is that nail strengtheners do not stimulate growth, but do make the nail more resistant to damage, which encourages growth. So, ignore the inflated claims, and choose the best product for you based on what ingredients they contain:

If your nails are dry or brittle…

If your nails feel dry or brittle, but you want to grow long nails, you will need a strengthener that will lock in moisture. Choose a protein strengthener. Look for ingredients like hydrolyzed or digested collagen and/or proteins. These products will form a protective shield on your nail, while preventing excessive moisture loss. These products are the safest for those with sensitive nails or for individuals who are prone to allergies. Some may require a clear coat of polish over them (see the directions). Try Nutra Nail (Cosmatique).

If you have very soft nails and you are not prone to allergies…

If your nails are in sorry shape and you are not prone to allergies, try a formaldehyde strengthener. These actually cross-link the nail keratin fibers to increase strength and resistance to damage, so that you can grow long nails. Formaldehyde, however, is known to cause severe reactions in certain individuals, such as bluish discolorations of the nail, painful scarring and cracking of the nail and cuticle, and severe bleeding in the nail bed. Due to the high risk, the Food and Drug Administration will not allow nail formulations with more than 5% formaldehyde content. In other countries, however, this is not the rule, so it is a bad idea to buy nail products from outside the U.S.A. If you are not prone to allergies, these formulations may be safe for you to use, and are the strongest nail strengtheners available. If you notice any of the above symptoms, discontinue use immediately or your nails will end up in worse condition. Try Sall’e “10” (Salle’s “10” International).

If your nails are not excessively dry…

If your nails are not excessively dry and you would like a product with a lower rate of irritation, you can try a nylon fiber strengthener. Studies have indicated that these fibers can work very well for people with very soft and damaged nails, who want to grow long nails. These formulas generally have a low incidence of allergies and inflammation. Try Belong (Sally Hansen).

Nail Moisturizers

Nail moisturizers (conditioners) help the nails build up enough water to keep them flexible. They can be worn alone at night or can be used on top of polish or strengtheners to keep them flexible. They can also be worn on top of strengtheners to keep nails from turning brittle. You can also keep your strengthener on for a week and then moisturize your nails at night for a week, if your nails are not too soft. This new nail flexibility will enable you to grow long nails. Try Overnight Nail Treatment (Sally Hansen).

In conclusion, if you want to grow long nails, be sure they are both durable and moisturized. Then you won’t even need any polish to win compliments!

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