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How do I modify my lifestyle to get great skin?

Although your hair is the first thing people see from far away, your face is what they are focusing on when up-close. Unfortunately, your makeup will not look good if your skin looks bad. Your skin is the canvas on which you apply your makeup and it may be difficult to hide complexion problems and still have a believable makeup result. Therefore, the better shape your skin is in, the fewer problems you’ll have to cover. So let's learn how to get great skin from the inside!

Three things determine whether or not you will have great skin: The first is your genes. The second is how you take care of your body inside. The third is how you treat your body outside. Don’t let the genes-thing get you down! You can start an inner and outer skin care program which will have a huge effect on your skin’s condition! Scientists believe that if you abided by the following inner skin care basic guidelines, you would not see your first wrinkles until age 60! Imagine that! Great skin into your golden years? When you see an elderly woman with great skin, you will wonder what her secret is. We can bet you she will say that she never smoked and drank very little. Or that she ate right and exercised. Or maybe her secret was drinking a ton of water. It is never too late to start your own inner and outer skincare programs (there are plenty of secrets for outer skincare in the Celebrity Skin section of CBSG), for the signs of aging can be lessened, acne can be cleared up, and skin can look radiant, even after damage has been done! So what are you waiting for, when the sooner you make changes, the sooner you will see great skin! If your skin is not in good condition, it would be wise to check the following Inner Skincare Basics lists to see if you could be doing something wrong that is preventing you from having the great skin you desire:

Inner Skincare Basics for Great Skin

Some people think that they know all there is to know about health. But if there is only one thing that you learn here let it be this: Your health really does influence what you look like! The following are a list of inner skincare basic guidelines that can help you achieve your great skin goal. How many do you follow faithfully? Here’s why you should follow all of them:

Eat Good-for-You Food for Great Skin:

nutritious food

It is no secret that celebrities often adhere to strict diets which benefit the maintenance of their slender figures, their energy levels, and their appearance. Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, has been rumored to have practiced a macrobiotic diet (a low-fat, high fiber, mainly vegetarian diet, rich in whole grains, vegetables, and soy products), and Alicia Silverstone is said to be a vegan (one who adheres to a vegetarian diet which restricts animal products, such as eggs, milk and cheese). While it is not necessary to follow such restrictive diets, your body needs to be nourished and healthy for you to have great skin. So, just think that when you are feeding your body healthy foods you are also feeding your skin, hair, and nails! Therefore, you will want to consume the best foods! The ideal diet is low-fat with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains (see “Nutrition Secrets: Eating for Beauty, Engery and Health” in the Celebrity Body section). Get your share of calcium with low-fat dairy products, and your protein from reduced-fat meats, nuts, and a few eggs. You will get natural vitamins this way. Many doctors do believe that diet aggravates acne (not causes), especially ones high in fat and sugar. Iodized table salt, sodium nitrates, sodium nitrites (found in dried beef, smoky-flavored foods, some soups, and stews), and caffeine are thought to aggravate acne, as well as some drugs like iodides and bromides. Write down these ingredients on a do-not-use list and refer to this when reading labels.

Drink Lots of Water for Great Skin:

The singer Jewel has said that she drinks a gallon of water a day to maintain her great skin and her clear complexion. Oprah is also a huge believer in generous water intake to keep wrinkles at bay. Almost everyone who starts a water-drinking program notices an improvement in their skin’s appearance. Many older women have great skin at their age, thanks to the faithful consumption of water. Many girls with acne problems notice fewer breakouts when they begin a water drinking regimen. You should start your water regimen today! You deserve great skin just as much as anyone else does! It will be exciting for you, when after a few weeks of drinking water faithfully, you start to notice a difference in your skin! If you don’t like the taste of water think of it as taking inner-showers each day. These inner-showers eliminate waste, and clear room for more water to get to skin cells which need its nourishment, as do the cells in your hair and nails. The more water and good food you eat, the more nourished your skin cells will be. You will notice many other kinds of improvements as well, as your body and mind will run more efficiently. You should aim to drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This works to prevent acne, wrinkles, and to give skin an overall glow (by improving circulation). You may need to urinate frequently when you begin drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day, but soon your body will adjust. Try adding lemon, lime or orange slices, or drinking a different kind of water, (spring or seltzer water) for variety. If you really hate the taste of water, buy fruit flavored seltzer or add a touch of orange juice to your plain seltzer. If you're a real "water hater" you can flavor the water with Crystal Light, but it is always better to use natural low calorie flavorings like those mentioned above. You may also want plenty of ice cubes in your glass.

Exercise Regularly for Great Skin:

excersie weight

Another way to boost circulation, which helps your skin renew, is to do aerobic exercise for at least three 30-minute sessions per week. Exercise also helps minimize stress, another cause for bad skin. Try a workout DVD, take a walk, swim, ride your bike, play basketball, or dance. Keep it fun and you’ll keep it up! Exercise brings more oxygen to the skin cells, just like drinking water does (drink plenty of water before and after workouts to avoid cramping and other risks.) Do not exercise with makeup on and be sure to wash your face before and after exercising.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep for Great Skin:

good night's sleep

Your skin does its best repair work when you are asleep. Therefore, you must sleep (8 hours a night on average, is necessary). Do not deprive yourself of this repair time or your skin will look worse and will require even more repair time. You will sleep more soundly if you try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day and night. The more sound you sleep, the better. This can help in the prevention of fatigue as well, another factor is the aggravation of wrinkled skin and acne. It also helps to sleep in a dark room with as little noise as possible and as few interruptions as possible. If you work third shift you may want to try a sleeping mask or room darkening blinds. A problem occurs, however, when you sleep on the same side of your face for long periods of time. Wrinkles can occur. The best advice is to use a satin pillow case (it is better in the prevention of wrinkles than cotton or linen, because it has a smoother surface). It is also wise to try to get into the habit of sleeping on your back, if wrinkles are a concern. You can ease into this habit by placing a pillow under your knees. It is also a problem for acne-prone skins to sleep on dirty pillow cases. Change pillow cases as often as possible. We understand that it is tempting to stay out all night and party, but your skin will pay a hefty price! For sound sleep, it is a good idea to drink all 8 glasses of water by 6 p.m., to avoid night time bathroom trips. Also, do not exercise during the two hours before bedtime either, so you do not have problems sleeping.

Behave Yourself for Great Skin:


Drinking, smoking, and drug use all have effects on skin. These activities all send toxins through the body in the form of free radicals, whose main purpose is to harm healthy cells. Smoking speeds up your skin’s aging by up to six to ten years. The longer you remain a smoker, the older you will look compared to your non-smoking peers. Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, blunting its ability to repair damage. It also sends out enzymes which directly attack your skin tissue. Surprisingly, because skin has a “memory” when it’s folded in the same places over and over again, the mechanics of smoking also cause wrinkles. For example, smokers will have more wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, because of the puckered mouth and squinted eyes that are necessary in the act. This is why many smokers in their fifties begin to look like senior citizens. There are many anti-smoking aids that can help you to kick the habit. A prescription pill called Chantix may help you. It blocks the “enjoyable effect” of nicotine and curbs withdrawal cravings at the same time by providing a slow release of dopamine. There currently is another prescription drug on the market called Zyban which utilizes the drug bupropin (the same medicine in the antidepressant Wellbutrin) to help you quit). There is also a lozenge called Commit which has been said to curb the weight gaining side effect of quitting smoking and to double your chances of quitting successfully. Or you may want to try Nicorette gum or the Nicotrol patch. The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDC) is a government sponsored agency which can help you choose the anti smoking aid that is right for you. Visittheir web site for more information.

The more you drink, the worse off your complexion will be. This is why you should only drink on special occasions or not at all. Many Hollywood stars avoid parties for this reason. In fact, one very famous blonde super-model will never party for this reason! If you breakout, you may notice that you do so more after you’ve been on a drinking binge. Although it is obviously better to not drink, if you do, it is good to drink a lot of water the next day, to give wastes that little extra push out of your system.

Any type of drug use (even prescribed), may trouble the skin, especially in cases of acne, although some more than others. Talk to your doctor about any skin problems you have when taking a prescribed a meditation. Of all the birth control options out there, only Orthotryclyclin has FDA approval to be advertised as an anti acne birth control pill.

Grab a Supplement for Great Skin:

centrum vitamins

Nothing takes the place of good nutrition. You can not eat a fast-food diet, take vitamin and mineral supplements, and think you are OK. Almost everyone’s skin can benefit from taking supplements. However, supplements are not for everyone. You should consult your doctor on what is the best program for you. Typically, RDI-based (recommended dietary intake) supplements, such as Centrum, are safe for the general population. If you have acne (and are not on Accutane), you may benefit from extra vitamin A and zinc, but consult with your doctor about the proper dose for you, since vitamin A can be toxic if taken in too high a dose. If you are concerned with preventing wrinkles, you may want to try the following supplements which have been proven in certain studies to reduce sun damage to skin (sunscreen is still very necessary). The general population should experience no side effects while taking 100 micrograms of selenium (best taken as 1-selenomenthionine). You may also want to try 400 IU of vitamin E (do not use the “dl tocopherols” form, it is far less effective. (Again, always check with your doctor first).

Health companies can make inflated claims or give bad advice to promote their products. A current trend is the pushing of mega-vitamin formulas or the idea that consumption of mass quantities of vitamins and minerals is better. These mega formulations or programs have dangerous risk involved. Consult with your doctor to avoid toxic doses.

Reduce Your Stress Level for Great Skin:

Medication pic

Excessive stress also plays a role in the skins’ condition. The working up of hormones and oil glands are two problems, especially in the aggravation of acne. Do not agonize over every detail of your life. Learn to relax and budget worrying time (keep worrying to less than 30 minutes a day, as recommended by many psychologists). If you have problems letting go of stress, you may want to take advantage of stress-reducers like exercise, counseling, yoga, massage, audio relaxation, hydrotherapy (water therapy), or meditation. Whatever you do, don’t sit and brood! For a truly unique and pleasurable experience, try ‘high-tech mediation’. These incredible-sounding, meditative soundtracks are listened to with headphones and are designed to bring you to “states of awareness normally achieved after many years of meditation.” These soundtracks are available on CD or cassette from the Synchronicity Foundation, Inc. Our favorite soundtrack is called Time Off. What an experience for the mind! Visit for more information about high-tech meditation and other ways to relax.

Now that you are refreshed on how to take care of your appearance from the inside (the same basics improve your hair and nails too), read the rest of the Celebrity Skin Secrets to learn how to take the best possible care of your skin from the outside.

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