The ghd Hair Straightener

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What is a popular hair straightener?

The ghd Hair Straightener is the talk of the internet.This number one professional favorite in the UK, was voted Best Flat Iron by InStyle magazine, the winner of their Best Beauty Buy for 2006

This flat iron is endorsed by top professional hair stylists and as well as their celebrity clients.

Why is this flat iron different from other hair straighteners?

This flat iron has ceramic heating elements which heat up fast, so you can achieve optimum styling control.

Even temperature is maintained by the micro-processor control circuitry.

The ghd Hair Straightener emits negative ions, which, with along with the infrared heat helps to seal in your hairs natural oils, which in turn seals in you hairs moisture and true color. The negative irons close the hairs cuticle, which makes the hair appear smooth and shiny. It also reduces static.

The ghd hair straightener will turn itself off after 30 minutes.

The ghd hair straightener has a rounded barrel that gives constant temperature control which makes it easier to curl and wave your hair

Fixed temperature: 374 degree Fahrenheit (190°C). You get long lasting heat for perfect styling.

Floating blade technology gives smooth results.

What hair types will benefit from the ghd hair straightener?

The gdh Hair Straightener is recommended for all types of hair.

The ghd Hair Straightener is are available in two sizes.

There is a 1 inch model and a larger professional model that is 1.75 inch wide.

The 1 inch model is perfect for short to medium hair on either man or woman.

The wider width professional model is recommended for those with longer, thicker or heavily textured hair. It is also recommended for working with larger sections of hair or to create a variety of different textures and effects.

What can you achieve with the ghd hair straightener?

Because this flat iron has a rounded barrel you can create every hair style from perfectly straight hair to tons of curls, or waves, spirals or little flicks.

You’ll get shiny, healthy looking hair no matter what style you choose.


What steps does ghd recommend taking to create those fantastic hair styles with the ghd hair straightener?

ghd recommends four steps to creating a fabulous hair styles with the this hair straightener:

Step 1: Cleanse and condition: Use a good shampoo and a even better conditioner. Be sure to pick a shampoo and conditioner geared for your particular hair type. Color treated, thinning, needs volume, oily etc.

Step 2: Protect: Use a heat-styling spray or a thermal protection spray made to protect your hair from damage from the flat iron. ghd has 3 thermal sprays each formulation provides added control for unruly hair while adding sustained moisture when used with heat styling tools. There’s a spray for weak & damaged hair, dry, one for coarse hair, and one for normal to fine hair. To use these sprays, spray onto clean, damp hair prior to drying or, before using your ghd styling iron on dry hair, spray lightly onto each section as you style Or, try some Paul Mitchell Super Skiny Serum which will condition seal and protect you hair, leaving the surface smooth and ready for shine. It is also reported to reduce drying time.

Step 3: Style: If you need to create more volume, texture and control try a mousse or gel.

Step 4: Finish: A finishing spray or a hair spray to keep your new style longer.

Where can you purchase a ghd Hair Straightener?

Our favorite place is They have tons of reviews and pictures so you can see what results other woman are getting. You can go there by clicking either picture of the ghd Hair Straigheners here or above.

How do you use this hair straighener?

If you’re not familiar with how to use a flat iron, it’s very easy.

Pin your hair up in several sections

Starting at the back, take a small piece from one section and spray with a Thermal Proctection Spray (like the ones described above) and comb through.

Place the flat iron as close to the roots of your small section as possible and glide down the length of hair without stopping. Simply repeat with each section until you achieve the desired results.

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