Garnier Hair Color

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Who is the celebrity spokeswoman for Garnier?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is the spokeswoman for Garnier. Sarah, a natural brunette, used Nutrisse Color Cream in Sugarcane to achieve the light blonde that was shown on the commercial several years ago, or so it was said. Celebrities however don't use the hair color in these boxes but professional salon color formulated by the company whose hair color products they hawk. It appears that this color is no longer available

Update: Fall 2006
- Sarah has gone back to her natural brunette color and is using Acorn #60 to achieve her new look in the latest commericals. Here she is August 2007 with her new perfume Covet.

A little history:

Garnier hair color has been around for over 60 years, and has always been a leader in the forefront of color technology. This Canadian company has the best smelling hair color products on the market today. Although, now owned by the L’Oreal Group (a group composed of many of todays leading cosmetic giants such as L’Oreal USA, Maybelline, Redken, Lancôme, and Helena Rubinstein,), they continue to create fabulous hair color products meant to give you professional hair color results at home

What products are in the their hair color line?

They have 4 basic hair color lines. They include:

Garnier Nutrisse Cream

Your hair looks healthier and the color lasts longer

Garnier 100% Color

Permanent, maximun color

Garnier Belle Color

Permanent, natural looking hair color

Garnier Multi-Lights

Permanent highlights

What is Nutrisse Cream hair color?

• 100% gray coverage

• Fruit oil concentrate added

• Nourishing conditioner cream

• Healthy, nourished results

• 30 shades from Extra lighting Blond Beige (Sugar Cane) to Natural Black (Licorice)

What are Nutrisse Cream’s latest shades?

Two new head turning shades:

• Shade #535 Chocolat Caramel is a medium golden mahogany brown

• Shade #83 Gold Amber is medium golden blond.

What is Belle Color hair color?

• 29 shades of permanent hair color

• So natural looking that “you will feel like it’s the color you were born with”

• 100% grey coverage

• Works with your own natural tones and highlights

What is Belle Color’s latest shade?

Medium golden brown #53

What is 100% Color hair color?

• Intense Permanent hair color with micro-minerals

• Gel-cream formula saturates each hair shaft and locks in the color

• Multi-patented hair color features

• Long lasting color

• Color that “grabs on and holds on”

• Amazing shine

• Fabulous red berry fragrance

• Deep conditioning with vitamins and minerals gives extra softness and seals the hair shaft to keep the color in

• 21 shades

• Not recommend for covering grey

What are the latest shades in the 100% Color’s line ?

Light brown #604 Extra light natural blonde #100

What is Multi-Lights hair color?

• Good for all hair types – natural or color treated

• You decide on amount of hightlights

• Thick crème - doesn’t run

• Brightens and give texture to hair

• 20 minutes to great streaks

• 4 kits to choose from ( choose one that matches your present hair color)

Kit 1 For natural or colored light blond hair

Kit 2 For natural or colored dark blond hair

Kit 3 For natural or colored copper, red or mahogany hair

Kit 4 For natural or colored brown hair

What help do they have to help pick the perfect hair color?

• They say that women think their hair is darker then it really is. Get help in finding out your own natural color. Ask several people to describe your hair color to you. You will be surprised at the different answers.

• They also suggest that you look at your hair in the daylight to see your own natural hair color.

• Check your roots (if they are not grey) for your true color.

• When you’re not able to decide between 2 colors always go for the lighter one. You can always go darker but going lighter is harder.

What others ways do they have to help you choose your haircolor?

• Pink skin tones should try using colder colors like ash blond (example: Nutrisse Cream #91), ash light brown or chestnut or mauve colors.

• Yellow tones should try warm colors such as golden blonde (example: Belle Color #83), venitian blonde, light golden brown or copper brown.

• Dark skin tones who want to go blonde, can use a dark blonde or golden blonde.

• If cheeks are naturally pink, you can use an ash color to soften the pink.

• Light brown hair women can choose any shade they desire.

How can this hair color help you if your hair is more than 50% grey?

They have a team of experts who will walk you through coloring your hair if it is more than 50% grey. They will tell you how to use a precoloration technique before you use the color you want. You will use a neutral shade first. This technique will help your desired color to last longer without turning brassy or ashy. Contact their team of experts at 1-888-GARNIER (1-888-427-6437)

If you have any questions or concerns about Garnier please contact them at 1-888-427-6437. They have a great team of hair color experts ready to help.

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