Fuller Lips:
Best Lip-Plump Products

Or, how can I get fuller lips without a needle or a bee?

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What products do celebrities use to achieve fuller lips?

Have you ever wondered about those full lips you see on such celebrities as Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie? You probably assume they get injections of collagen to plump their lips into that full, sexy look. You couldn’t be more WRONG! Today’s celebrities don’t need to go that painful route. And neither do you. There are two award winning products that celebrities use to plump their lips! Both LipFusion and City Lips will give you fuller lips and they are lip plumping products that actually work! Fuller lips are not just for movie stars, super models, and collagen injection addicts anymore!

How does LipFusion give you fuller lips?

LipFusion uses patented marine collagen-filled spheres which have been clinically proven to plump and hydrate your lips. Unlike LipFusion, many other products use collagen molecules which are too large to penetrate the skin of your lips. LipFusion’s patented process takes the collagen and turns it into tiny microspheres which can penetrate the lip skin. LipFusion then searches for the body’s own water which it uses to re-hydrate the lips giving you those beautiful plump lips you see on so many celebrities today. And LipFusion is completely pain free! The reason other lip plumpers hurt when applied is because they contain menthol or cinnamon which when applied to the lips causes them to temporarily swell. Wouldn’t you prefer a completely natural and painless way to plump your lips? LipFusion has a long devoted fan club of celebrity clients, who prefer the LipFusion way of giving their lips that beautiful pouty look. With its patented technology LipFusion will give you fuller lips by plumping them instantly and painlessly, by reducing wrinkles and fine lines on your lips, all without turning your lips red. There is no burning or stinging with LipFusion and your lips look and feel smoother for up to 48 hours. Yes, LipFusion has become a girl’s best friend when it comes to looking younger and sexier!

Which celebrities use LipFusion for fuller lips?

The LipFusion fan list is endless! The celebrity fan club includes: Alyssa Milano, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Carmen Electra, Nicollette Sheridan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jenny McCarthy, Patricia Arquette, and Nicole Richie, to name just a few. LipFusion is manufactured by Fusion Beauty. LipFusion and all other Fusion Beauty products have won the prestigious Good House Keeping Seal of Approval! LipFusion has also been reviewed in countless magazines all of which gave it two thumbs up! These include Harper’s Magazine, Health & Fitness, OK magazine, Glamour, InStyle, Allure, Marie Claire and countless others. From TV shows, like “The View”, to its internet website, LipFusion is making Lip History!

Is it Difficult to get Fuller Lips with LipFusion?

Lip Fusion is as easy to apply as any lip color. Simply apply a generous layer of LipFusion to clean, dry lips using the applicator wand. All you need to do after that is to wait 2-3 minutes before you apply any lip color that you like. Your lips will be so smooth and plump by using LipFusion that you may want to skip the color. LipFusion can be applied over or under any lip color.

How much does LipFusion cost?

With the miraculous way LipFusion can give you fuller lips you would think it would cost a fortune, and you would be happy to pay a fortune for it. Luckily for all of us, LipFusion is very affordable. For only $36.00 you can have the lips of a celebrity! LipFusion has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

What’s new from LipFusion?

LipFusion has added a great new bedtime product to their line of great lip products. It’s called LipFusion XL and it contains 2X micro-injected collagen and HA Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy. Wow! Want to wake up with beautiful, plump lips? Just apply LipFusion XL to your lips before you go to bed and while you sleep LipFusion XL works its magic. You will wake up with the most amazingly hydrated lips, which will be full and naturally firm. HA (hyaluronic acid), which the skin produces, decreases as we age. This causes the lips to look and feel wrinkled. LipFusion XL goes to work seeking out your body’s natural water. Once your lips are hydrated, wrinkle lines are filled in and your lips continue to swell, giving you that pouty, plumped look. Your sexy lips will feel smooth and full.

What is the cost of LipFusion XL?

This little miracle for your lips retails for just $50.00 for .29 ounce and has a spearmint flavor.

What else does LipFusion have to spice up my lip look and give me fuller lips?

LipFusion also has 4 LipFusion Plumping Pencils which come in shades ranging from Buff to Pout, with Flush and Nude in between. They are $28.00 per pencil. LipFusion also carries a complete line of LipFusion Color Shine products. With the patented marine collagen-filling spheres technology you can now apply moisture and color to your lips morning and evening as needed. You can choose the clear shine product, which will give you just moisture and shine, or there are 7 other glorious lip colors with such great names as Sweet, Bare, Sexy, Glow, Blush, Fresh, and Kiss. LipFusion Color Shine sells for $38.00 for .29 ounce.

I want fuller lips! Where can I get LipFusion?

For information on LipFusion or where to purchase LipFusion Color Shine Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump, Sweet click here.

Which celebrities use City Lips?

City Lips is a line of lip plumping products used by Teri Hatcher, Nicolette Sheridan, Lacy Chabert, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, Shannon Elizabeth, Penelope Cruz, Tyra Banks, Jamie King, Vivica Fox, Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas), Carolina Bacardi (Barcardi heiress and runway model), Haylie Duff, Angela Bassett, Tori Spelling, Virginia Madsen, and Faith Evans.

Why is City Lips so popular with celebrities?

City Lips is a Good HouseKeeping Reports 2004 Award Winner! These lip-plumping products contains peptides which build up your lips' collagen and elastin. City Lips instantly plumps and hydrates lips and reverses fine lines and lip wrinkles. The best part? City Lips can dramatically increase your lips' size with long-term use! On top of all these benefits, it protects lips with vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils. It's also light weight and non-greasy and can even enhance the natural color of your lips!

I want fuller lips! How much do City Lips products cost and where can I get them?

There are clear and colored versions of City Lips! The colored versions are either sheer pastels, or clear glosses with a touch of silver, gold, or pastel shimmer. Each treatment is $29.00. For more information on City Lips by City Cosmetics click here.icon

Fabulously, sexy, pouty, fuller lips are waiting for you!

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