Best Foundation Tips and Powder Tips

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What are the best Foundation tips?


The very best celebrity makeup secret is how the celebrity makeup artist prepares the skin before makeup is even applied.Celebrity makeup artists use a "makeup primer", on top of moisturizer. Makeup primer is considered a "celebrity secret weapon" according to the editors of Teen People Magazine, who have written a book we highly recommend called Celebrity Beauty Guide. Laura Mercier, a company known for its great formulations makes a great makeup primer, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Like any camera ready celebrity, you want people to see only beautiful skin, not your makeup. The keys here are to first of all, aim to keep your skin in tip-top shape so there is less to cover, secondly, select the best formulation for your skin type, third, select the most perfectly matched shade that you possibly can, and fourth blend, blend, blend. Refer to the articles on skin to see how to keep your skin in its best condition. If your skin is in good condition, you will only need to use a sheer formulation. Many people do not realize they should apply one thin coat to the entire face, and then apply the second layer only where the flaws are. While in real life it is probably more practical to only apply it where you need it, some celebrity makeup artists recommend applying it to the entire face. Celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel recommends this application method in her instructional video. This may only be practical in the real world at night as the look may “melt” through the course of an average day and there is no celebrity makeup artist waiting in the wings to touch it up. To avoid makeup melt-down, wear a long wearing formula, such as Revlon's ColorStay with SoftFlex, or use Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray which holds everything in place all day and night and is perfect for proms, weddings, etc...Model in a Bottle was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Tyra Banks Show. Visit for more information!

How to Make Your Selection:

When selecting this makeup, keep your skin type in mind. If you do not know your skin type, refer to the articles on skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, choose a water-based, non-comedogenic formulation. This means that the ingredients are not known to cause acne. If you have dry skin that is not prone to acne, your skin will look better with an oil-based formulation, to give skin more moisture. There are four basic types of makeup. Liquid, which is the easiest to apply, come in both water and oil based formulations. Cream, which is the most opaque formula, is best for covering flaws. It is thick enough to double as a concealer. Tinted moisturizer is the sheerest of all, and is best for those who do not need a lot of coverage and have dryer skin. Dual finish powder can be applied wet or dry and is best for oily skins that do not need a lot of coverage.

To select the most exact color you can, you must be willing to try several. If it is the right color, it will seem to disappear into the skin, once it has been blended. Always test it out on your jaw line (it may be a different shade that the skin on your hands). This way, you can avoid the inevitable line of demarcation, (where face color meets a different colored neck), that results from poor shade selection. After applying a bit to your jaw line to test it out in the store, walk outside into the daylight for the surest color test possible. Stick with yellow –based shades which help neutralize ruddiness of skin tone. Color on the face should come from blush and lips as opposed to foundation.

If you have trouble finding the shade that matches your skin color exactly, try the Prescriptives counter in finer department stores which can custom blend foundation in certain locations.

Foundation Applications

When applying foundation, use either your finger tips or a sponge. If you would like a sheerer finish, apply with a damp sponge. Begin by applying the least amount possible and blending as best you can. You do not have to apply it to your whole face, only to problem areas, if you like. Add more as needed, only to where needed. You want to avoid a mask-look. Be sure to check if foundation is blended at hairline and neckline. If under-eye circles are not too dark, use your foundation to cover them instead of concealer. You may also want to use it on your eyelids (set with powder immediately to avoid creasing), on the side of nose, outside the nostrils, and on the inner corners of the eyes. If you wear concealer, be sure to layer it with foundation to bring face to a uniform color.

What are the best Powder tips?

powder and brush

Powder, is an underestimated gift. Powder gives you a “finished” appearance. It makes makeup look more subtle, taking the severity off edges (all edges should of course be blended anyway). It seals your makeup, making everything stay put. It also eliminates shine.

Powder Selection

If your skin is not dark you can go with a translucent shade, which will not affect the look of foundation or concealer. A colored formulation gives added coverage. Be sure to stick with a yellow-based powder (no pink tones) for the most natural look. Be sure that the color matches the foundation as well as possible.

There are three types of powder, pressed, wet-to-dry, or loose. All types are great for covering with loose being the lightest and wet-to-dry being the heaviest.

Powder Application

To apply loose powder, hold the large powder puff over the powder container, so that there is no chance of spillage when tipped, and then tip it upside down. Shake off excess powder and then lightly press the powder puff to your skin. Then take a large sized makeup brush and brush off the excess.

To apply pressed powder, press the powder puff to the powder and then rub the powder puff against the side of the compact to dust off excess powder. The lightly press the puff to your skin, being sure to brush off the excess with a brush or clean fingers.

These are the Best Foundation and Powder Tips

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