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What are the best fitness tips?

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The Key to Fitness: What is the very best fitness tip? The word is motivation. Without it, you might as well throw in the towel before you so much as sweat on it. Without motivation you are indifferent and therefore inefficient. When you cannot visualize the rewards, or take notice of the immediate benefits than you may be inclined to quit. Any time you need motivation, review the following passage: The Benefits of Exercise: Regular exercise has innumerable benefits to both your physiological and psychological health. Exercise reduces and alleviates negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, and stress. It battles fatigue, infusing you with long term energy. It reduces the risk of numerous health problems. It can induce feelings of elation and euphoria by releasing endorphins. It makes you feel better and look better. Because more oxygen can make its way to your brain, you will notice that you are mentally more efficient. You will be able to think faster and more clearly with this fitness tip.

The Big Three: At the very minimum, you should engage in three 20 minute sessions of aerobics per week, two 20 minute sessions of muscle sculpting, and at least 5 minutes of stretching before and after every workout.

1) Areobicize: Suck that oxygen into your body; energize and get your blood circulating. You will also strengthen your heart and your endurance so that you can easily get through your daily tasks. You will boost your metabolism and get an endorphin rush, which will last for two hours after each workout. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down for five minutes each to avoid body-shock. The following are some of the best gems we have uncovered in the aerobics arena. Take these fitness tip suggestions:

• Fitness Tip: The Firm: This brand of workout videos guarantees visible results within 10 workouts. They claim to be the most effective videos on the market and we won’t dispute that! These videos are motivating and never boring. Be sure to weigh yourself and use your measuring tape before the first workout and after the tenth workout!

• Fitness Tip: Orbitrek: We first saw the Orbitrek on one of those late night infomercials and were intrigued. This machine really is amazing. It’s an elliptical machine, which is sturdy, and about a third of the size of the elliptical machines you’d find in a gym. The best part is it’s affordable! The manufacturers claim that time on the Orbitrek is equal to three times the amount of time doing ordinary exercises. Take this fitness tip if you want to maximize your workout time results.

• Fitness Tip: Spinning: Spinning is a class offered at gyms nationwide. Participants use a type of stationary bike. These classes specialize in the intense motivation that they provide participants. Sometimes there are visuals that make it seem like you are biking through mountains and by oceans. Spinning is so effective that burning 800 calories in an hour is not unusual. Bring a hand towel, water bottle and cushioned, gel, bicycle seat cover for your class if this fitness tip interests you. Use this fitness tip if you want to burn maximum calories!

• Fitness Tip: Biking and Skating: These two activities blast major calories while giving you a feeling of freedom and exploration. Feel even freer to explore with the ultra-safe helmet from Sportscope. It has segmented panels which conform to your head for a snug, shiftless fit. Visit for more info. Use this biking and skating fitness tip to add variety to your workouts to stay motivated.

• Fitness Tip: Swimming: Many people are turned off by aerobic exercise because of the sweat factor. If this is you, why not swim laps in your pool? Challenge yourself to swim five more laps each day. Don’t have a pool? Get a gym membership to a fitness center that has one.

• Fitness Tip: Walking: Walking is a great aerobic exercise. It is great for people who like to don some headphones and listen to music or for twosomes that like to multitask by socializing and working out at the same time. A great tip is to buy a pedometer, which is a device that counts how many steps you take. In an ideal day you would have taken 10,000 steps. Or challenge yourself to walk for five more minutes each week.

2) Sculpt Muscle: New research suggests that this form of exercise is actually the most effective for boosting your metabolism. When you lift weights, you are actually burning calories when you are at rest as well as when you are actually lifting. This is also the type of exercise that gives you that great toned body. Here are some great muscle sculpting fitness tip suggestions:

• Fitness Tip: Give Your Muscles a Break: The most important thing to remember is to never weight train two days in a row. Let at least 48 hours pass before your next workout. Your muscles need time to recuperate.

• Fitness Tip: Build a Weight-Lifting Program: If you prefer working out in a gym, have an instructor set up a weight lifting program for you. List all the recommended weight machines, recommended weight in pounds to lift, and recommended number of repetitions on a chart, clip it on a clipboard and carry it from machine to machine. This fitness tip will keep your sessions organized and streamlined.

• Fitness Tip: Flatten Your Abs: Besides revving up your metabolism, weight lifting is crucial for toning your body. One of the toughest body parts to tame is your tummy. Crunches are the most popular exercise for toning up your abs, but not the most effective. The top 3 exercises for toning up your abs include “the bicycle” where you alternate bending and straightening your legs, the captain’s chair, which is done on a standing apparatus in a gym, where you lift your legs to your chest, and crunches done on an exercise ball. If you’d like to stick with crunches, be sure to do them as slowly as possible. Fewer crunches done slowly are more effective than a ton done in record time. This doesn’t seem to sway celebrities, though, who on average do about three hundred a day. You will also want to do a variety of crunch exercises as different ones target different areas. For those who find crunches yawn-inducing, cardio boxing or Tae Bo is a great unconventional way to work your abs. You might also want to try an ab program that uses an abdominal ball, to add fun and variety to your ab strengthening regimen.

• Fitness Tip: Sculpt Your Body At Home: If you prefer working out with free weights, invest in three different sets of free weights. You may want to start with a set of 3 lb, 5 lb, and 8 lb weights. Build up your strength and endurance before moving onto the next set. A very motivating, fun-to-read book to have on hand is Selene Yeager’s Perfectly Fit: 8 Weeks to a Sleek and Sexy Body. Selene is a certified trainer, mountain bike racer, fitness consultant and a regular columnist in Bicycling Magazine. Her book contains photographs that illustrate how to do many different exercises so that you can customize a routine for yourself. Her method also includes “combination moves” which blend several different moves into one exercise so you spend less time working out. This book is where you will find all the most efficient exercises for working out your problem areas, like your abdominal muscles, hips, thighs and buttocks. This fitness tip will save you some gas money with a gym quality workout at home.

• Tip: Boost Your Metabolism: If you are not working out regularly, you are going to lose about 5 pounds of muscle over the next 5 years. A pound of muscle burns 35 to 40 calories a day, so skipping strength training specifically seems down right silly. But if you want to boost muscle, and aren’t crazy about curling free weights in your hand, you have another option- yoga. Indian studies have shown that your metabolism is raised for approximately 90 minutes following a yoga session. Yoga’s stretching and strengthening poses place your body into positions its not used to being in. Therefore they revitalize you and charge your metabolism as you must use your body as weight to sustain the pose. This fitness tip has multiple benefits so incorporate it into your fitness repertoire.

3) Stretch: Stretching relieves tension in your muscles and joints. It keeps you flexible and alleviates stress. You absolutely should not skip stretching. Here are some great stretching fitness tip suggestions:

• Tip: If you find stretching to be a big snooze, invest in a medicine ball, a big ball you can lay on backwards or forwards, stretching your abs or back by rocking back and forth. Many fitness gurus recommend that you do your abdominal crunches on a big fitness ball as well, as it makes the regimen a lot more challenging. Find one at

• Tip: Yoga incorporates some great stretching into its various positions.

• Tip: Invest in a body band. This will add variety and resistance to your stretching sessions. This can also be found at

What else is on the great fitness tip list?

• Tip: Supplement Your Fitness Program: The greatest benefits are derived from variety in working out. Eventually, if you don’t shake things up a bit, your muscles will adapt to routine as you are no longer challenging them. Do different workouts as often as possible: use different videos, different machines, go for walks, runs, bike, skate, dance, swim, and try some of the following:

• Tip: Rejuvenation through Yoga: The benefits of yoga are innumerable. It is a de-stressing, head-clearing, meditative activity, which just so happens to incorporate a lot of deep breathing, muscle toning, stretching and strengthening into the mix. Yoga stretches are said to lengthen your muscles, massage the internal organs and remove toxins that build up from stress and environmental factors. Yoga standing postures help correct and strengthen your spinal alignment. Yoga bends help lower your blood pressure and work your lower muscles. The deep breathing helps to cleanse your body and nourishes it with additional stores of oxygen. Can’t afford to go to yoga class? Pick up a mat ( and a copy of Basic Yoga for Dummies with Sara Ivanhoe. This DVD introduces the basic yoga positions, such as the Cat and the Cobra.

• Tip: Discover the Pilates Secret: Believe the hype of the many actresses and models who swear by this core-strengthening set of exercises. Based on the rehabilitation exercises created by the late Joseph Pilates, these exercises do much more than just strengthen your abs and back (the focus). Your whole body will become tone and taught! Winsor Pilates is a collection of DVDs endorsed by Daisy Fuentes, which feature routines used by celebrities and models to get beach ready bodies. You will also need a mat which you can get at if you wish to try this fitness tip.

• Tip: Denise Austin’s health and fitness philosophies have won over countless fans. Do you know that she receives over 10,000 letters and e-mails a week! When you watch Denise on television, read her books, or follow her videos, you can't help feeling like she's there with you cheering you on. Her online Fit Forever program is designed to help you shrink your most stubborn fat zones!

• Tip: Billy Blank's Tae Bo: These workouts are fun and go by in record time. It is easy but hard working at the same time. You will be bouncing with the glee of childhood to a pumping, exhilarating soundtrack of club type-tribal rhythms. You may feel that you never breathed so much in your life, inhaling and exhaling at a record-pace. You may imagine the oxygen coursing through your body, nourishing every cell. has tons of motivational workouts and accessories like journals and jump ropes. There are the classic Tae Bo workouts and the new Boot Camp Elite system which guarantees results in 7 days. Take our fitness tip and check out his site if you need some instant motivation!

• Fitness Tip: Oxygenize: While aerobic exercise is great for getting the oxygen circulating in your body, you can also try a deep-breathing workout. Many people don’t feel as good and energized as they could because they are shallow breathers. As a result they have higher levels of carbon dioxide in their blood, which increases fatigue and anxiety. Bodyflex is a deep breathing workout designed to help you maximize your deep-breathing capacity. After doing these breathing exercises, you may feel rejuvenated like you just took a shower inside your body. Visit for more information about this interesting fitness tip.

• Fitness Tip: Be a Goddess: The Goddess Workout with Dolphina, is a very mind-body-spirit oriented workout video which features a great soundtrack and will teach you some belly dancing moves. If you are interested in this fitness tip visit

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