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What fashion trends are predicted for the new decade? How can I stay on the cutting edge of fashion?

Boho Chic

We predict that the new decade will be a renaissance of open-mindedness when it comes to fashion...of mixing and matching...shaking up old school and new school in a blender and seeing what comes out. It will be an art form led by the bold and the brave. It will be more about creativity and expressing your personality than about brand names. Take two opposite looks, shake them up and see what comes out. Below are some "style ideas" you can experiment with or mix and match as you like... Modern-Retro Girl

Fashion Trend: The Modern-Retro Girl embraces new school and old school, puts it in a blender and sees what comes out. Decade parties are all the rage. Some people are even going back as far as the Roaring Twenties for their fashions. A Great Gatsby Party anyone? (Good excuse to wear fringy flapper clothes). Prints from these eras on fabrics, and jeans from these eras are really hot! Go back two decades, or three, or seven and see what you can find. Throw a modern twist on the look with jewelry for example. Ke$ha wears a Metallica shirt with the sleeves cut off from the 80's with shorts and sunglasses in her video for Blah Blah Blah. You'll notice she sports the Flash Dance treatment of her shirts frequently(i.e. cutting the sleeves and collars off sloppily). If you chop the collar and sleeves off your shirt you can wear a tank top underneath as the shirt will shift its shape on your body. As far as the 1980s go, think Madonna in her Lucky Star days: thrift store clothes, rocker t-shirts, black leather jackets, leggings, colorful bangles etc... As far as the thrift store look, Madonna popularized it in the early eighties, Katy Perry brought it back for the new millennium and now Ke$ha calls it "dumpster diving chic" Check out our Retro Beauty article for more ideas.

Bad in Plaid

Trends in Fashion: Inspired by the British countryside, plaids are there when you're feeling a bit preppy or about to play Or mix these good girl separates with rocker jewelry for an interesting mixed look. Instead of traditional red prints, look for check patters and plaids in subdued shades of browns, greens, blues, and grays. For something else offbeat combine a gray plaid A-line miniskirt with a black blouse and black tights.

Feminine Men's Wear

Trends in Fashion: Lady Gaga describes her wardrobe as a "rejection" of standards for women. With androgyny seeming to be the style wave of the future, military wear has gone feminine with gold detailing and ornate touches. The military jacket has been redesigned with princess seams which make them flattering to your figure. Pair your military jacket with skinny jeans, leggings or a long black skirt. You can either wear your military jacket closed or pair it with a sexy shirt underneath. For shoes, think over-the-knee boots. Ties, suits, use them however you want. A tie with a plaid mini skirt? It's all about how you go about trying to pull it off. Does it really look good?

Bohemian Luxury

Trends in Fashion: To the gypsy that you were, as Stevie Nicks would say, this look is inspired by a luxurious, gypsy sensibility, fashion is once again turning bohemian chic. Where as a few years ago this was referred to as Boho, the new buzzword is Foho. This time around, the bohemian look is more folky and more Russian-influenced. Look for peasant shirts, paisley, fur-trimmed pieces (you can go faux), embroidery, and fringes on boots and scarves. The key is balancing detailed pieces with simpler ones. For example, pair a folksy dress with “modern accessories” like cuff bracelets or heels. You can wear a simple basic top with an embroidered skirt, or thin gold chains with an embroidered dress. Peasant dresses showed up on the runway paired with knee-high boots and opaque tights. Bohemian Luxe has been worn by Elle MacPherson.

Skinny Jeans

Fashion Trend: According to celebrities everywhere, skinny jeans are back in style. The difference is that the “new skinny jeans” tend to hug all your curves while being very comfortable. The leg openings are more narrow than their boot leg counterparts. These jeans are usually paired with hip-length tunics that hug the waist, or with a hip-length jacket with a hip-length shirt underneath, or even with a sleeveless top that is almost hip-length. Skinny jeans have been paired with knee-high boots by Christina Aguilera, open-toed heels and flip-flops by Kate Moss, closed-toe heels by Hillary Duff, and pointy-toed flats by Angelina Jolie. As we move into fall skinny jeans are also popular pairing partners for ankle boots and knee-high boots. For fall, celebrities are going gaga over Denim of Virtue jeans, which offer a more curvy fit with stretch for a very flattering look. Other favorite celebrity skinny jean brands are Siwy Denim (, which counts Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie as fans, Miss 60 (212-334-9772), which is loved by Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani, Superfine (212-826-8900), which is worn by Kate Moss and Scarlet Johansson, Earnest Sewn (, which is a fave of Sienna Miller and Ashley Olsen, and Paige Premium Denim (, which Carmen Electra and Halle Berry love.

Many Looks for Leggings

Fashion Trend: You will get the most pairing options with black leggings. Pair leggings with longer tops that end around mid-thigh. You can even pair leggings with knit dresses, miniskirts, long sweaters, and even little black dresses! If you want to go for these creative looks go with mid-calf length leggings and shoes with a bit of heel. Leggings also come in knee length, which are best paired with mid-thigh length tops and high heels, and maxi-length (also known as footless tights), which are best paired with mid-thigh length tops and low heels or flats. (Milla Jovovich pairs hers with pointy-toed flats). If your mid-thigh length top is too oversized, wear a belt around your waist or slung low around your hips.

Beautiful Boots

Fashion Trend: Lately, it’s all about the boots. High heeled boots and cowboy boots are in, but if you find them uncomfortable don't shy away from flats! Nearly knee-high boots (with skinny jeans tucked in) are the other big boot trend. This style is frequently seen on Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller and Kesha. They wear their knee-high boots with mid-thigh length tops. Miley Cyrus wears her knee-high boots with skinny jeans and a tunic top. Eva Longoria wears hers with waist-length tops, usually with a shorter jacket.

Rocker Chic

Fashion Trend: This look draws its inspiration from retro groups like Lady Gaga's two biggest influences David Bowie and Queen. You are the rock star with this look. You can get creative and pairs concert T-shirts with shrunken blazers and jeans. Or try ruffled blouses or brocade vests with skinny pants. Tailcoat jackets and high collard blouses are also “a go”. It’s rock mixed with feminine (or glam rock for daytime). While were at it, expect to see more mod-chic fashion.

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