Facial Tape for Wrinkles

Or, Joan Crawford's morning ritual in the movie Mommie Dearest inspired me; Where do I get my own facial corset?

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Can facial tape for wrinkles really “pull” my face into a more youthful look?

Celebrities know that keeping their faces looking youthful is important for career longevity (sad, but shamefully true). According to the movie Mommie Dearest, Joan Crawford would sleep with bandage-like cloths wrapped around her face to keep gravity at bay. Looking for your own less confining smooth skin miracle? Who isn’t?! Unfortunately when it comes to turning back the clock it isn’t easy. It seems every other infomercial is spouting some new way to make us look younger, get fitter or grow richer. Well, getting fitter is possible and getting richer could happen but taking 5 or 10 years off your face without surgery may be too much to ask from anyone or anything. Let’s explore the two latest types of facial tape.

What is Facial Tape for Wrinkles?

In order to understand the idea behind facial tape for wrinkles you need to know why we get wrinkles in the first place. It’s gravities fault! Yeah, gravity! The same force that keeps us from floating away is pulling down on your skin’s muscle tone and elasticity. Because of this we’re left with sagging skin which causes wrinkles, furrows and double chins. “Facial tape for wrinkles” wants to take your sagging skin and pull it back to give you that youthful appearance. We have found information about two types of facial taping. The first one seems quite annoying, while the second one sounds like pure luxury!

First Type- Infomercial or Magazine Ad “Facial Tape for Wrinkles”

The whole concept of this facial tape for wrinkles is to give you an instant face lift. According to our best sources pulling back your skin with this facial tape device doesn’t work for everyone. This is what the manufacturer would like you to do:

• First, put the anchor behind your head and hide it with your hair.

• Next, pull back your hair along the hair line.

• With the adhesive pads you gather up all your sagging skin.

• Attach these adhesive pads containing your excess skin to the anchor behind your head with elastics.

The idea is that while you are pulling back your excess skin your wrinkles will disappear. Not everyone is able to hide the anchor and adhesive pads due to a lack of hair. Most call this a gimmick.

Surprisingly, we get a lot of requests for this facial tape but we can not find it anywhere.

Best Type- Spa “Facial Tape for Wrinkles”

The “latest facial tape for wrinkles” is part of a luxurious body wrap treatment done at a wonderful day spa that all of today’s hottest celebrities are enjoying. Because the experience of a body wrap is such an indulgence, everyone wants to give their face the same luxury. Here is where they use this tape for wrinkles in a whole new way:

How does this Tape for Wrinkles Work?

• First, your face is cleansed with a non-chemical cream. This exfoliating cream is all natural and removes dead skin.

• While the client is lying down, which causes the skin to go back to its more natural, youthful appearance, the skin is taped into position with the facial tape.

• The facial tape for wrinkles is used to pull back any sagging skin. The jaw line is pushed up to the cheek area. The nose is pulled back to the ear. The facial tape is then used to pull up the eyebrow which in turn tightens the eye area.

• The facial tape for wrinkles is then placed over any wrinkles that are left including small lines around the lips and forehead.

• This is done and undone 3 times with the last time including bandages that are soaked and eye pads used.

Does this Type of Facial Tape for Wrinkles Work?

Sources and clients say there is a visible, measurable difference. And it is reported that if you took a picture you are able to see the difference.

How many Sessions are Needed when Using Facial Tape to Remove Wrinkles?

You will have to undergo this facial taping once or twice a week until you are happy with the results.

Is having My Face Taped with Facial Tape Permanent?

Because we make many different expressions during any given day our face is subject to lots of abuse. Periodic appointment will be necessary sooner for some than for others.

What Problems on the Face can Facial Tape for Wrinkles Handle?

Would you believe this facial tape can help with double chins, sagging jowls, and loose skin around the eyes, crow’s feet, any wrinkles and lines around the mouth? Of course this may take multiple sessions.

Where do I Find Spa Facial Tape for Wrinkles?

This treatment for your face is available at many day spas. First, ask if the spa uses the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap and if so, ask if they also do the facial taping that can optionally go along with it. The web address for Suddenly Slender is Suddenlyslender.com. At this website you can check your state to see where the closest, participating day spa is located.

While it may seem extreme to worry about whether your hair is covering your “anchor”, a trip to a day spa sounds easy, even pleasant. Take a before and after picture to see whether a second spa appointment is warranted.

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