Help Me! Are There Face Slimming Tricks for My Full Face?

Or, face slimming without surgery

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Does this beauty crisis sound familiar?

Tiffany Thiessen

Help Me! I have a wide face (kind of), and no matter how much weight I lose it never looks thinner! Do you know any tricks on how to make a wide face look thin?

So what in the world should you do about it?

Wait a minute! Before you decide you don't like your face shape, take another look at it. Many famous beauties have full or round faces. Just look at Tiffany Thiessen, a certifiable beauty queen (she won Teen Magazine's Great Model Search in 1988 and still looks just as good)! But if you really want to make it appear thinner, you can't change your bone structure, but there are optical illusions you can employ that can make your face appear slimmer.

Face Slimming Trick: Make your face look slimmer, by making your other facial features seem bigger. For huge eyes, you need huge lashes. Check out our Best Mascaras article in the Celebrity Makeup section to see which mascaras will make your eyelashes gigantic. Be sure to apply at least two coats and focus building the mascara at the outer corners. You can also make your eyes appear bigger by lining the inner lower rim with white pencil.

Face Slimming Trick: The fuller your lips are, the slimmer your face will seem. To get fuller lips, check out our article Fuller Lips for more information about two lip-plumping products used by celebrities that actually work, City Lips and Lip Fusion. For a cheap quick fix, apply a dab of shimmery gloss to the center of your bottom lower lip.

Face Slimming Trick: Highlighting the angles in your face, will make your face appear slimmer. Use iridescent powder to highlight your cheekbones and brow bones. For added emphasis, darken the areas of your face that recede. See our article Sculpt Your Face without a Scalpel in the Celebrity Makeup section to learn how to do highlighting and contouring, which will help slim your face.

Face Slimming Trick: Choose a hairstyle that frames your face. In other words, your hair style can help shield the extra width of your face, either with wispy, shorter layers on the sides, or with curls. You will also want a lot of height at the crown (the hair at the top of the back of your head).

Here's another trick to try: Remember that angles make a wide or round face appear slimmer, so keep this in mind when you are grooming your eyebrows, by emphasizing the arches of your eyebrows. Well defined eyebrows also put attention toward the center of your face, taking it away from the circumference of your face shape.

And last but not least, try this slimming trick: Remember that a full face can be an asset! Find a full faced celebrity whose look you like and study how she does her hair and makeup. As we said earlier Tiffany Thiessen is a celeb that makes it work. She usually always has a side-parted, shoulder-length, or slightly longer hairstyle with layers. You may notice that celebs with your face shape always their cheekbones by contouring below them and highlighting above them. Other celebrities with fuller face shapes, whose styles you may want to check out include Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet.

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