Help Me! My Eyelashes
Are Falling Out!

Or, help me keep my eyelashes so I can continue my Minnie Mouse-inspired flirting tactics

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Does this beauty horror story sound familiar?

You notice your lash line has bald spots. Eyelashes seem to fall out even when you do normal things like rub your eye. You want beautiful, thick lashes but your mascara only seems to make them fall out more.

So what in the world should you do about it?

Lashes grow and then fall out in cycles, which is healthy and natural. But if you notice that you’re losing an excessive amount of lashes, then the fact of the matter may be that you are being too rough with your lashes. If your lashes are falling out you may be wiping too hard when you remove your eye makeup. Instead of wiping hard, you may need to use a little more eye makeup remover product to better loosen the mascara, so that it does not have to be removed by force. Or instead of using tissue, try something softer and gentler, like a cotton ball or a pre-moistened makeup removing wipe.

You should also refrain from curling your lashes, or just curl them on special occasions. The act of squeezing fragile lashes may make them more prone to falling out.

Also, you should be conservative with the amount of mascara that you use. Using lots of mascara will weigh down fragile lashes, which will cause them to weaken and fall out. Instead of using two coats use one. If you are using a waterproof formula you should consider switching to a non-waterproof version. This is because the waterproof version may require too much wiping and irritation to remove it, which can cause the loss of more lashes. You may need to experiment with different mascaras until you find one that doesn’t weigh your lashes down too much.

Could this be indicative of a bigger medical problem?

Your eyelashes may also be falling out due to an allergy. An allergy can irritate the eye, make it swell, and thus cause the eyelashes to fall out of their unhealthy home. If this is the case, see a doctor about the best course of action to take to eliminate the source of the allergy. You may also need to take an antihistamine.

If you feel that the loss of your eyelashes is not due to being too tough with them, nor due to having allergies, you should see a physician who specializes in eyelids, known as an oculoplastic surgeon. A chronic loss of eyelashes is known as madarosis. This can be caused by a variety of eyelid problems (including cancer of the eyelid), which may be treatable if detected early. Madarosis can also be caused by hypothyroidism or “pituitary insufficiency”. Whatever you do, don’t put off seeing a doctor!

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