Get Flattering Eyebrows

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How to tweeze, groom, and fill in your Eyebrows :

Many people do not realize the effect that eyebrows have on their appearance. Some people totally neglect them all together. Their beautiful features, are overpowered by bushy, unflattering hairs above their eyes. They should be thought of as frames for the eyes. They can make your face seem more expressive when they are cared for. Use this eye make up tip to get great brows.

How to Tweeze:

If you have never tweezed before, now is the time to start. There is very little discomfort involved, and what there is can be minimized by applying either ice or a hot compress to the area. It is best to use slanted tweezers. Tweeze only from underneath, one hair at a time, while pulling the skin taut. To be sure you are tweezing well, keep brushing them into shape between tweezes. Tweeze all stray hairs first. Then decide whether or not you want to shape or thin them. Tweeze underneath the arch for a flattering look. To be on the safe side, before making a radical change, cover the hairs you plan to tweeze with a white pencil or light concealer to see what they will look like. Follow up with astringent after tweezing. You may want to trim any long hairs with small scissors, carefully.

Other Ways to Groom:

When applying makeup, you should always be sure to comb your eye brow hairs into place, especially after pulling on a shirt. You then have the option of using an eye brow pencil to fill in sparse hairs or to add color. Apply with feathery strokes to look as natural as possible. You also have the option of using eye-shadow powder that is the same color of hair to add color but we find that a pencil offers more control. Celebrity makeup artists usually use a pencil in taupe for blondes, auburn for redheads, and light to medium brown for brunettes. Hardly anyone uses a black brow pencil. Celebrity makeup artists then top the brow pencil with a brow sealant, such as Model in a Bottle's Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealant. When selecting a pencil, be sure to pick a soft color. Even if your hair is jet black, a dark brown pencil will be the most flattering. If your brows are very light, you may want to add some pencil or eye-shadow powder to them to give them more definition. Use this eye make up tip for eyebrows everyday and you'll be on your way to a fabulous face!

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