Help Me! My Eyebrows Are
Almost Non-Existant!

Or, I shaved my eyebrows off for the Ziggy Stardust convention and now they won’t grow back!

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Does this beauty horror story sound familiar?

Have your eyebrows gotten thinner? Does it seem like they are just not going to grow back? Have you been drawing them on with brow powder only to discover that when you sweat or sleep they fade away? Well before you think of doing anything radical, like signing up for permanent makeup, try these ideas

So what in the world should you do about it?

Fill in your brows with realistic looking “feather strokes” of a great eye pencil, in a natural looking shade. Be sure the strokes go in the same direction that your natural brow hair would grow in. Then “seal” your “freshly filled brows with a brow sealant. Brow sealants are usually resistant to smudges and water. Benefit’s She-Laq is supposed to be a good one to use. This brow sealant costs $24. If this price is too high, a real world solution may be found in the clear brow gels available from Covergirl or Max Factor.

So you may be wondering which brow pencils celebrity beauty experts recommend?

Your best option is a brow or eye pencil that is waterproof and provides a matte finish. Celebrity makeup artists have been known to use Christian Dior's Powder Eyebrow Pencil ($21), M.A.C.'s Eye Brow Pencil ($12.50), or Lancome's Le Crayon Poudre for the Brows ($19.50). Just feather stroke with the pencil and fix with the brow sealant and you’ll be good to go. This is the probably the closest you can get to a natural brow look that lasts.

That might work for some but I don’t have any brow hair!

If you are completely devoid of brow hair, you may be thinking of letting a technician design eyebrows for you with permanent makeup. This is a very risky option not to be taken lightly. If the technician is not exactly an artistic and makes a mistake, you may be forced into spending a ton of money on a cosmetic surgeon to have your tattooed brows removed, thus undergoing a second risky procedure. It is possible, however, to find a permanent makeup technician with an aesthetic eye, who can artistically create a great set of brows. If this is a risk you are willing to take it would be wise to invest much time into researching and interviewing permanent makeup technicians to see which individual would give you you’re best odds for success and the time it takes to get the job done right. You should ask to see pictures of other brows they have done. Try the technique above before ever considering a permanent makeup solution. You may save a lot of money, time, and agony!

What is the key to finding the best method of filling my brows?

Experiment with different feathery strokes, brow shades and sealants until you get it right. The difference between a believable brow and a bad brow could lie in the pencil you are using. Some are greasy and shiny and create an obviously-fake brow look. The ones recommended above impart a matte finish which diffuses light. And the brow sealant may give you the eyebrow confidence you need to go hang out by the pool. (Don’t expect the eyebrow pencil to stay put if someone throws you in the water, however.)

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